Living with mesothelioma -My Diary- Off to London the Mesothelioma UK Patient and Carers Conference tomorrow

Another day of Sun and sea but you wouldn’t have thought so when we woke up very early to a very windy and torrential rainy night.

It was so noisy for a while and then that was it this lovely day appeared.

I washed all the windows inside to match the window cleaners great work on the outside this week.

All the mirrors and TV’s were done with my window vacuum gadget. So that’s it  Ray did the vacuuming in the rooms and I got showered. All muscles stiff, arms hurting so of coarse I had over done it.

I rested and then we went –guess where –Tankerton slopes ha ha !!! it was lovely the sun shone and we had a walk and making Louis run and chase the ball.

There was a man on a bike parked and on a two way radio, a CB or a ship to shore –woo my mind was working over time. espionage and all that.

But we couldn’t stay to over hear that would have looked rude.

So we got back to the car Off we drove to the Tesco as I had a bit of shopping to do as we are off on the train to London tomorrow.

7th Patient & Carer Day 2012
Date: Saturday 6th October 2012 Venue: Pullman London St Pancras

It doesnt seem like three years ago when I did my speech

I didnt even hope that I would be alive to be able to say that was three years ago.

Thanks to the Chemos, all 3 lines have got me to this day and to stable -I would love to be here to enjoy another 3 years.

We are pushing the boundaries. But of coarse a lot of Mesowarriors haven’t traveled all the way with me and I do always remember them and miss them.

To the Warriors who fight with me





Remembering all those that have fallen with this wicked Disease We do remember you every day.xxxx  Rays Blog




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