Living with Mesothelioma My Diary -Disneyland coming to Kent WOW!!!

What a boring wet day so much rain —

I know I wanted to have a rest after the weekend but not this much.

I have managed to write my speech though for November so Im glad that is out the way, I now have to time it and make sure I don’t rush it .

Exciting news tonight that they are trying to build Disney land in Kent right by Dartford crossing so baring planning permission it looks good for jobs for people as they build it and then when its open and up and running in 6 years.

Computer generated image of proposed entertainment resort

The site of what was once Europe’s largest cement works is to be turned into a giant, Hollywood-style theme park to rival Disneyland Paris.

The brownfield land in Kent, close to where the remains of the 250,000-year-old “Swanscombe Man” were found, could rival the

Olympic Park for the scale of its job creation and local regeneration

A £2bn entertainment resort which would aim to rival Disneyland Paris could be built in north Kent.

Developers have been granted a licence from Paramount Pictures to use its name on a resort on the Swanscombe Peninsula, near Dartford.

The scheme has been offered “support” by Dartford and Gravesham borough councils.

The site’s developer, London Resort Company Holdings, is now looking for further investment for the project.

It estimates the park, which would be based on a former cement works, would create up to 27,000 jobs.

The 900-acre brownfield site is next to Ebbsfleet International station, which is 17 minutes from London and two hours from Paris.

I did take Louis for a little walk in the rain and now we have a very bored dog on our hands.

I cooked three chops

In walked Louis licking his lips ha ha !!

Please Mum hurry up !!

So Louis had a lovely chop but I poured sweet and sour sauce on ours.

So that’s the day gone and apart from a wonderful chemo tinnitus ear and an earache today Im fine.

I hope tomorrow is dryer.

ha ha !! Debbie has just put this photo on Face Book –he had a whale of a time and it was lovely to see him laughing with the girls xxx

Photo: Naughty ray you tricked me : )  Rays Blog

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