Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A Happy Day today –

MR Happy

A day that starts so quiet and yet gets more happier as it goes on is very good medicine.

First on face book a photo of  a rescue that have become friends in the centre.

Ready Ahhhhh

Photo: They think they're brother and sister. I think I'm in love.

I wish I could have this cute pair xxx

All us warriors put our comments on a published article where they say Asbestos isnt dangerous –why do these people say such things without checking their facts.

“The general public is very ignorant about asbestos, in that they don’t understand that they do breathe it from the ambient air outside every day,” Swain said.

We simply don’t breathe in concentrated levels of asbestos for prolonged periods, which is when the substance becomes dangerous.

“Typically those individuals that become sick as a result of it are those that have dealt with it day in and day out of their occupational exposure,” he added.

I only washed clothes I didnt work with it day in day out  –IDIOT!!!! Mr Swain.

My Comments is there with Debbies and Mary who is a Nurse practitioner in the US

My comment –Mr Swain you need educating in the dangers of Asbestos. All I did was wash my husbands clothes and cuddled him as he came home from work. I didnt work with asbestos I was 20 years old and at 69 I couldn’t breath and I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma.
It only takes one fibre to cause this dreaded disease.
Asbestos is a death sentence -incurable cancer has grown around the lining of my lung . I have endured 3 rounds of Chemo and it wont be my last as I fight to live.
Please go away and write the true facts of Asbestos as it is so sad to see someone so ignorant about Asbestos and that money and greed is still causing people to us Asbestos.

Gosh we are forever fighting a battle somewhere.

Ray wanted to get some wood -he has told the story of the window sill in his blog -and of coarse I was right it was damp. We had bought a damp meter and yes it bleep around the lump that appeared in the window sill. What I cant get over was the fact what we thought was a wooden sill it was made of compress cardboard. We at least thought it was going to be wood chip or MDF. Gosh dont they cheat nowadays. The days of real wood are gone in the building trade. Ray made my kitchen in real wood and any job he does he uses wood.

But at least it isn’t a serious problem as i thought it was rain getting in. We have had so much rain it never have surprised me. Now I have a lovely wooden window sill and he has promised me he will do all of them.

Lots of walking with Louis today I have had a good day. Then my friend Sonja said she had got booked into a good site for the weekend and I phoned and got in as well. We have been wanting to stay there all summer but it was always full.

Leo Bay

Lovely views over the river Swale. I will be able to write about it when we have been –excited.

I really love the fact my Grandson is now standing on his own two feet. Place to live, a good job, and is really happy.

Out with friends .

Dan on the left with all his Film making friends –the photo is by Natalie Taylor

You do worry for them don’t you but they all find a place in the world.

The rain is pouring down now –really pouring

Rays Blog

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