Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- The end of a lovely weekend x

Well Im home and settled in after having such a great weekend it has been wonderful.

After going to bed late again last night we woke up to the sun shinning through the heiki I knew it was going to be a good day.

I made our coffee and took Louis for walk but he just wouldnt go for a wee. All he did was sniff the grass, gosh I hate him when he does this, such a frustrating dog at times.

Then we went off for a walk into Queensborough,  A land Rover came by and the occupants were waving madly at us and shouting at hello!!! and then I realised it was the Site Owner Stephen. he stopped and asked us where were going, so we told him for a walk. He gave us instructions to walk to Queenbury harbour and left us with, if you get to tired phone and I will pick you up. How sweet was that. He has been the perfect host all weekend.

We have been enthralled with the views this weekend, with the way the colours have changed as the clouds have come over and the sun keeps appearing and disappearing. There are geese on the water and birds in the sky. Ships siren have blown and their engines sounding as they pass by.

We walked until I got tired and then came back to the site where I cooked Sunday breakfast, by this time everybody was awake and out so we sat around by the Motorhome’s chatting the rest of the day.

It came to where we just had to say goodbye –you have to say it sometime.

Thanks everyone for a relaxing happy weekend.

Rays Blog

Info for my Brothers as they read this blog — Tess my friend and patner in meso crime has written

I was given some interesting figures this week by my oncologist. They have been analysing data relating to mesothelioma patients diagnosed with the disease between 2010 and 2012 in my health authority.
In this time 170 new patients have been diagnosed with pleural meso ( a rare disease????)
Between 40%-60% got to first line chemo and it only worked for approx 25% of these patients.
Of those getting through first line treatment only 17 patients got to receive 2nd line chemo. They have no figures beyond this. Patients may not get to first line chemo because: they are diagnosed too late for treatment; are too unwell to receive treatment; choose not to have chemotherapy treatment; or sadly die before ever getting to the referral stage.

This is making me feel very nervous as I must be in an even lesser figure that have had  3rd line and when it grows again I will be in an even lesser figure to that to have 4th line –my odds are getting smaller xxx

Im just amazed that out of 107 —17 had second line. I would have thought the figure would be higher. I would love to know all the reasons why the others didnt have Chemo. Also as the Medway towns would be in this figure and only 107 have been diagnosed in 2 years when meday was such a hot spot. The Dockyard closed so some would have moved out of the area I suppose!!

Thanks Tess for telling us though.

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