Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary– Careful pictures of spiders although one is taking the mickie out of Ray

Ray was shouting at me from the porch last night that there was a huge spider, get the spray. He said he couldn’t kill it with a slipper because it was sooooooo big?

I got the spray but it had run out of  the gap we have between the porch base and the brick skirt that is built around the Parkhome.

Well he is lurking in the basement now among the ladders and the Christmas lights and all the junk we have stored underneath.

Low and behold Debbie puts a spider on her Facebook for us to identify


Well it is autumn and they are all preparing to come in for the winter–not a good thought so I really must get some conkers this weekend from somewhere.

There are a few really big conker trees at Seasalter and hundreds of conkers on the ground. 2 big ones in a pub garden with the seating underneath them. So I will go on a hunt for them.

Ray work hard finishing our window sill and then tidying the carpet in the motorhome so that is the silly jobs done.

I have had an email inviting me to another hospital meeting in November so my diary for November is growing with meetings and conferences, I do hope I can bring changes in how they see a patient and that they do uniform treatment for Mesothelioma.

My Macmillan nurse has explained the trial team will be there at the first one so I will be very interested in what they have to say, as there are a lot of new trials starting next year as the government has released money for them for 2013.

I have to get the house ready tomorrow for a film crew that is coming here from the British Lung Foundation as Im helping them with British Lung Foundation annual review.

Just another ordinary day in the life of a Mesowarrior ha! ha!

If nothing else it does keep me positive and I do enjoy helping anyone who will listen about Mesothelioma. I have gained a lot of knowledge as I need to know and help myself on this journey.

We did go out in the fresh air for a walk and Louis enjoyed a run, in the sun, which has been beaming all day.

I will give him a shower tomorrow so that he is sparkling white for the cameras.

Mind you we had the photos, that the Daily Mail didn’t have room to show, arrive today.

Louis joined in and had fun

Louis really did Pose on that day

Rays Blog

Cwmcarn High School

All schools in Wales must deliver reports on their asbestos levels by next week, Education Minister Leighton Andrews has announced.

Mr Andrews made the decision after Cwmcarn High School in Caerphilly county closed unexpectedly because of asbestos concerns last Friday.

He called the situation at Cwmcarn difficult and said councils had clear legal duties to do annual surveys.

He also announced that Cwmcarn will partially reopen on Friday.

Mr Andrews said it was well known that many schools in Wales built between the 1950s and 1980s contained asbestos.


Well that’s a great start maybe the children will now get the safe schools the deserve. There are so many schools in bad repair where the Asbestos is not safe.

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