Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary– Filming day for British Lung Foundation

Today was the day of the Filming of my Interview for British Lung Foundation.

We dashed around tidying up and get Louis walked, made cheese on toast so that we did not have rumbling tummy’s -that wouldn’t do.

The film crew arrived on time and two very nice young men and a woman were standing at our door.

They set up their camera and sound was all tested and I sat down.



We went through my story and how I was contaminated, the story i have told so many times.

I talked about the article in the daily mail and why I did that, to help British Lung Foundation and what Take 5 and stay alive was all about.

The 5 steps are :-

1 what is asbestos

2 Where and when was asbestos used

3 What does Asbestos look like

4 What if i find it in my home.

5 Where can i get all the facts

The interview went through a lot of info that when it is published as a video I will be able to put it here in my blog in full.

the camera man wanted to show me as a women who is still active and fighting the odds to live a normal live.

So he took a video of me washing up and putting away,  and then he decided to take photo’s in the garden of me gardening. Oh how I get embarrassed knowing neighbours can see me posing.

I cut my honey suckle and then he wanted me to pose in the arch. Just as the woman that has bought the Parkhome next door to us decided to visit. She must have thought me a right  silly person and wondered what she will be moving next to. there I am laying back on my archway posing and laughing.

So all in all it was a great afternoon and i will put on here all the photos when i get them as they are going to emailed to me.

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