Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary– Flu jab day and We were tourists for a change in Whitstable.

I put a chicken Korma in the slow cook and let it work all night –I kept waking up smelling curry and that made me hungry!!! but it was cooked this morning and we have had it tonight –very nice.

Parcel arrived today and it was my outfit for the Bond Diner and dance at Derby in the new year.


Its a lot longer in real life and as Im so tall this makes a change

A jacket for over the top

So Im really happy as it was worrying what to wear, now we have to get Rays 007 outfit.

Yesterday Christine has sent me a belated birthday present –Healing crystal Light Catcher-It is so beautiful and I will hang it near my  Buddha in the garden –thanks Christine its lovely.

Healing Crystal Icicles

I had to go down to the surgery for my flu jab today so after taking Louis for a walk and settling him indoors, we went off in the car.

There was such a room full of people in the surgery, all the residents of Whitstable were there–or so it seemed, but we were soon called in only Ray went off in the wrong direction so we were parted as he didnt like to push in by the time he got to the right line.

I went in sat down and wham the nurse jabbed me and that was it.

I waited for Ray to go in and then joined me, I suggested we walked through Whitstable as we never go on a Saturday, so many tourist, and there was today. we could see why though it is so colourful, so many small and varied shops so cute.

We wound our way around the visitors and shoppers really enjoying looking in the windows.

Errr who and what were these doing ??

More on the opposite side of the road

We carried on and I bought some Leek and pork sausages from the butchers

With that we walked back through the harbour 

The harbour was packed with fishing boats, we seem to have built the fleet up which amazed us.



A very large cargo ship was docked so it really was full today.

We looked around the little shops they have here as well

Whitstable Harbour Village

A lady at an art shop that caught our eye and ray chatted away about painting with oil etc. as her husband was the artist and she sold them for him.

They were lovely paintings -a very clever man.

So that was it we went back to the car, then low and behold all the people we had seen dressed up were all gathering by a car so we stopped and asked what it was all about and they gave us a leaflet.

Its all about Halloween 1348 at Druidstone Park Living history displays and arms and armour re-enactment show with hog Roast –so now I know ha ha !!

and then we drove to Tanketon to get some chips in our favorite chip shop.

An ambulance was outside and I jokingly said Oh ye they have put their blue light on just to get their chips quicker but in fact they had been called there as a man had been taken ill while eating. He was in the ambulance being treated and his poor wife was left by the car. i chatted to her and asked was she OK ? She said she was but just shocked that it had happened so suddenly.

The owner of the chip shop was there talking and laughing so I think everything was under control and we came away.

Ate our chips in the car and came home. It had been such a nice time, as much as I love my little dog it did make a change to be out on our own xx

Oh no tonight we have fireworks going off and Louis isnt happy about that , I had better put some cotton wool in his ears.

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2 thoughts on “Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary– Flu jab day and We were tourists for a change in Whitstable.

  1. love to read your blogs you just live life to the full, My daughter just finished running the birmingham marathon she raised over £ 1000 for mesothelioma research after loosing her dad my dear husband to the disease in june this year.

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