Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- A very Wt Sunday so watched A Dinner of Herbs, with a box of tissues …….

Animated moving rain storm down tree covered lane

Yes another day of really heavy rain –each time we went into the garden we got soaked and when we took Louis out it a wet walk.

But it was very warm so that was ok then.

Leaves had fallen off the tree overnight as well –so sudden and then tonight they have given a forecast of a drop in temperatures. So nature must know better than us.

A dear neighbour has been told she has a shadow on her lungs Ray was told this morning so I will have to go and have a chat, as she is probably very down and frightened and I want her to know you have to fight Cancer with all your might and be very positive.

She has backed me through all my fight, I can return the favour.

I tucked down after dinner and watched Catherine Cookson as I hadn’t seen  A dinner of Herbs–A legacy of hatred can be a terrible force in life, over which not even an enduring love and all the fruits of material success may prevail. Catherine Cookson explores this theme in a major novel that will absorb and enthral her readers as irresistibly as any she has written.

Roddy Greenbank was brought by his father to the remote Northumberland community of Langley in the autumn of 1807. Within hours of their arrival, however, the father had met a violent death, and the boy was left with all memory gone of his past life.

Adopted and raised by old Kate Makepeace, Roddy found his closest companions in Hal Roystan and Mary Ellen Lee. These three stand at the heart of a richly eventful narrative that spans the first half of the nineteenth century, their lives lastingly intertwined by the inexorable demands of a strange and somewhat cruel destiny.

Dinner of Herbs

Catherine Cookson was a great writer and I love her books as she writes of the past and hour the people lived.

She was born in  South Shields, County Durham and lived, when she married in Corbridge, a market town near Newcastle all places I have found in my family tree when i was researching my Dads family who came from South Hilton and all around the same area.

She died when she was 91 years of age, what a great life she lived and to be able to leave so many written books and also she donated so much money.

I have read in Wiki —Although she became a multi-millionaire from her books, Cookson was frugal with her spending. She did, however, indulge in discreet philanthropy, supporting causes in North East England andmedical research in areas that were close to her heart. When public lending rights were introduced for authors, she became immediately eligible for the maximum £5,000 a year but donated it for the benefit of less fortunate writers. She also donated more than £1 million for research into a cure for the illness that afflicted her.

In 1985, she pledged more than £800,000 to the University of Newcastle. In gratitude, the university set up a lectureship in hematology. Some £40,000 was given to provide a laser to help treat bleeding disorders and £50,000 went to create a new post in ear, nose and throat studies, with particular reference to the detection of deafness in children. She had already given £20,000 towards the university’s Hatton Gallery and £32,000 to its library. In recognition of this generosity, a building in the university medical faculty has been named after her. Her foundation continues to make donations to worthy causes in the UK, particularly those offering services to young people and cultural ventures, such as the Tyneside Cinema.

So that was my day a wet Sunday is never a  good day.

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