Living with Mesothelioma –My diary– Visiting Peter at the Hospice today

It was very foggy today as we walked Louis. Very miserable and eerie when you can’t see  the scenery out there, I had  to buy flowers to take to the Hospice to see Peter and Elaine.

We had Lunch and went to Canterbury early as I had arranged to meet Elaine at 2pm but as usually I was early and we signed in and the nurse made us a cup of tea. Peter was in Physio as he is in a wheel chair and finds walking difficult. He has had Mesothelioma spread into his head and spine. He has had Radiotherapy . Physio is continuing to help get his legs moving, it is surprising the loss of muscle tone after just two weeks.  The Doctor had said his spinal cord wasn’t totally compressed but the disease has pushed out causing inflammation and has also entered the bone in several vertebrae. The lesion on his brain is quite tiny and he has had radiotherapy on his head as well and his spine.

At 2.10pm the nurse said we could go in so she took us down the corridor to the Day Room where Peter was sitting in a chair, he looked well, but then that’s what we Mesowarriors are good at, looking well.

(Im trying to do this blog and Debbie is playing sending me silly faces ha ha )

Cartoon animation of Girl on couch talking on phone

Go away debbie ha ha !!

just as we sat down Elaine came in and then their friends arrived so we all had a chat and it was a lovely afternoon, and it took my mind off of where we were.


We ddidnt want to tire Pater out and we also thought we should let hem chat to their friends so we said our good byes.

The Car park was so full we think they should pull down some trees and build a larger car park.

We went shopping at Wincheap Shopping centre and then traveled home, the nearer home we got the foggier it got so some of it must have been a sea mist.

Well we are relaxing before going to bed so the kettle is on again

They have forecasted snow for the end of the week I hope they are wrong

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