Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary–A shock for Ray at the Dentist

It is still very foggy the sea mist is very thick as well and you cant see very far on the beach at all, or across the marshes.

Ray wanted to go out to collect his camera from Argos so we went to Tankerton first to give master Louis a run and carried onto Canterbury to Argos.

We traveled home and the train crossing was working to stop the traffic, This rarely happens to us we normally miss it but today we had to wait and watch a fast train travel by.

We had time, when we got in, to have lunch and then we were off out to the dentist with Ray. we parked the car and I took Louis for a walk while Ray went in for the dentist to inspect his teeth.

He came out the the shock news they charge £50 to extract 1 tooth and Ray was told he needs 5 out.

Tonight he went for a second opinion at a Dental Technician near us and he says only 2 to come out and where the dentist wants to charge almost £100 for extraction and dentures this man is saving Ray £302.00. Hmmm someone is making some money –naughty naughty. Lesson to be learnt here -always get a second opinion, it saves you money.

While Ray was in there I walked Louis round and round it was foggy but warm and very slippery underfoot.

my friend Leas lovely garden in Sweden- fancy waking up to this every morning

Autumn really is here and we put the clocks back on Saturday night so the days will draw in now.

We got home and dried Louis off and he had his dinner.

Ray tried his new camera out

Frosty Knickers on the chase

We love the Chase on ITV and watch it every day although we get so annoyed when the poor contestants lose all the money or if a contestant takes the minus figure !!

So he is happy with the camera thank goodness.

Tonight we have been watching channel 4

This was amazing a young woman had changed a Public loo into a home worth £250.00

But this was my favourite when this couple restored a old bus into a holiday let for £85.00 per day

Rates for 2013

Off peak 
3 nights: Fri – Mon £310
4 nights: Mon – Fri £412

7 nights: Fri – Fri £720

I hope they make a good living out of this conversion.

So now its close down and off to bed –it has been a good day xxx

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