Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- SNOW !!!!!!!

It was so cold outside today so very cold and windy.

We had snow, rain, and sun all in 1 hour.

Everyone on the East side of UK were saying  it was snowing.

I took Louis for a quick walk before Roger came to power wash the path. He came in the gate to our site so I waved to him and then got back to see him in. He wasnt around so he must have dropped his new machine off and park his van.

He did a great job and I loved his new machine

Karcher K2.25 & T50 100bar Pressure Washer

That round head doesn’t splash and is so easy to do the job which he completed within the hour. Lucky he was dressed up with layers of clothes wellies.

ha ha I stayed in the warm to take these photos

So that’s a good job done for this year.

We did wrap up and take Louis out for a walk but was really pleased to get back home in the warm. Even youngsters were saying to us how cold it was . If it wasn’t for the weather we wouldn’t have so many conversations, the weather is a great topic to chat about herein the UK.

Our friend is really in snow in Austrian/ German Border as he has been posting pictures as it gets deeper and deeper I do hope he doesn’t get stuck on this site

Looks lovely but not when you have to maneuver a Large Motorhome out -Lucky he has taken his snow chains with him

Its getting thicker by the minute –hope it stay’s in Germany and not come to us


Make a snow man Tony xxx

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