Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary –So many Red Berries does this mean a freezing white winter ???

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The clocks went back so it is always strange when you get up and realise its an hour earlier than you thought it was doh!!

It was lighter outside and a very sunny day so that was great but then you realise it will be darker earlier –not so good.

I looked out and my path was all dried out and did look very clean, after the wash down yesterday.



We had an email from very dear friends to make arrangements to met up in 2 weeks before they go to the Bahamas for the winter so I was very excited about that but they sent photos they took Of our time at Malvern together.

Two happy cowgirls xx

I adored the Indians they gave a reenactment and told tales with the sign language as well -so very gentle

Louis all ready and waiting for his walk

Ray had to go to the Dentist Technician –yes on a Sunday weird but true. So I got on and had a good tidy up and cleaned the windows inside as the window cleaner is coming tomorrow.

When Ray came home we had a walk with Louis and suddenly we were amazed at all the berries on people’s bushes.

So many berries does this mean a very cold snowy winter ??

Walking past our church we could see it has a boarded up door and wonder if there had been a break in last night.

Shocking if that was the reason.

We had a brunch and worked then on the computer all afternoon but did manged to watch country file and a  film.

I cooked a roast for dinner and we have just finished that.

Relaxing evening watching the results of Strictly and X factor just waiting for Downtown Abbey of coarse.

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