Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary —Sandy –Wind Rain Snow and Earth Tremors –Poor USA they are throwing everything at you

I do hope all our Mesowarriors are safe as they had to evacuate hospitals over night.

Photo: Shaking going on and the hurricane all in one shot

There was a photo that really got to me today as it was of Ground Zero and how Sandy has effected this very -already sad site.

Photo: There are blizzard warnings in West Virginia as cold air wraps behind the storm. Here is a look at Davis, WV.

Snow as well so deep.

And then there was Tremors gosh they don’t need anything else to hit them .

Well we had a morning watching the news, the scenes were awful.

The window cleaner came and did all the outside windows for us and noticed he has really bought his round up. Im really pleased as he is a lovely guy and he really does a great job.

It was a lovely sunny day so we went out -where- to Tankerton Slopes ha ha !!

We had a great walk along the slopes and met other dog walkers so Louis was happy saying hello and playing ball. A very bouncy greyhound was racing around so I couldnt let Louis off lead or he would chasing all over the place.

I let him talk to 2 other calmer dogs.

The man with his ship to shore was there again and this time he was looking out to sea on a large Telescope that we think was really bird watching binoculars.

So after walking and having fun we decided to shop and then came home.

Lots of warriors going in or finishing Chemo. we do all seem to be doing well lately Chemo seems to be bring the shrinkage we so hope for.

I wish all the Warriors just starting another round of Chemo and those that are in the treatment -all the luck in the world.

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3 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary —Sandy –Wind Rain Snow and Earth Tremors –Poor USA they are throwing everything at you

  1. Hi Mavis. My husband Paul is a meso sufferer–do you remember we met briefly in St. Barts last year. I am so glad that you are keeping well and positive as that gives us so much hope. The reason I’m contacting you is I thought you might like to see a tv programme called Week in Week Out, made by BBCWales about asbestos in Welsh schools. It was on tonight at 10 35 [Tues]. It shows how bad the situation is and made me feel so angry–especially as I am a former teacher too! Keep fighting Mavis! Jill and Paul Lewis.

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