Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary –I fell over today –so silly.

A very slow day today as it had rained all night. So much rain we will be building a Ark soon if this carries on and yet last winter we were in a drought.

We had a hose pipe ban in spring and then it has rained so much.

Then we had lunch and decided we would go for a walk well.

As we came out of our alleyway that takes us to the main road which is really very old and very narrow but cars speed up and down, we have to be very careful.

A car went by so very fast and then I began to cross but another car turned into the road and was traveling fast as I had decided to cross the road –I tried to move quicker but guess what I lost my balance.

I have been saying I should use a walking stick but you don’t always do the sensible thing do you.

Well I fell and then skidded up over the curb where I banged  my head fell on my left had so sprained my thumb, and graised my right hand , and my right knee.

What a stupid thing to do.

The lady got out of her car so we had to try and get Louis lead but he was sitting right beside me.

I got up slowly and I was a bit rude to the women but only because I felt so stupid. I couldn’t let her help me up –stubborn old me –Im independent to the end.

My glasses were bent Gee!! what a state.

Then as the woman drove off I just couldn’t see one of my Meso adrenaline rushes. That lasted until I got back in doors.

Ray put cream on all cuts and  the bruises started coming out just little ones thank goodness.  Ray made a lovely coffee foe me and I started to feel so much better.

We than went out again but boy was I nervous crossing the roads.–did I have a walking stick this time –no of coarse not .

We  did get a slow walk to the post office in and then on the way back it rained –it never rains but it pours

Angry little animated cartoon thunder storm cloud launching lightning bolts and rain

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3 thoughts on “Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary –I fell over today –so silly.

  1. Hi Mave, hope you are well and over the shock of your fall. You are an inspiration to us all. Ernie just had his 3rd of 4 chemo this time it has really knocked him side ways he’s been really poorly this time hope it knocks it back like it did last time he got 18 months take care d

  2. honestly Mavis
    what a twit you are – of course you should use your stick. Mys sister has arthritus so has had to use a stick since her forties. Good to see both Louis and Ray became your super heroes- now get that stick out so you can go on making sure Mr UKIP europrat doesn’t get all the ill informed headlines
    Amanda & Ray

  3. Thanks Amanda Im listening xxxx
    And Dot hope ernie gets better soon it is a very hard time –I had the same time as that and now I have had since March –the time goes so quick xx

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