Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A bug on Facebook got me Grrrrr

Oh dear I have had a rotten day today with my Facebook account.

I stupidly accepted a event of being able to download a dislike button.

We have been asking Facebook for one as sometimes we want to show someone with Cancer that we have read their story but liking it isnt right –liking bad news isnt right so a dislike button would suit the news.

Well this app was a naughty and put a load of adverts on my wall and then everytime I used the dislike button it would send an invitation to a friend and then they were getting the adverts.

Oh how easy it all happens and how long it takes to find out how to get rid of it.

In the end I came out of Google Chrome and went back to Firefox. That meant I had to remember all my passwords –Oh No!!!!

Then low and behold when it was all sorted we googled the facebook problem only to find if you dont use the button it deletes itself





Well we had to make a cup of coffee and relax after all that .

We had been out in the lovely sun shine and had a walk as usual with the dog and shopped.

A warrior has been taken into hospital as she is really getting so very unwell, I had seen Denise at MesoThelioma UK Conference and she did look so sad but I didn’t want to believe she was getting so bad and that she would get back to normal again but it wasnt to be.

I will pray so hard for her as she is going through treatment and more scans.







Her family are worn out so I hope they can recover now she is being looked after by the nurses and hope she can soon get home as that is her wish.

Oh how we hate this disease

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