Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A bad day in Australia for the Bernie Banton Foundation

Today has been a sweet and bitter day for The Bernie Banton Foundation in Australia.

They have mad a drama of Bernies illness and the fight he fought

Bernie Banton

DEVIL’S Dust is a moving and thought-provoking dramatisation of the David and Goliath battle to bring James Hardie Industries to account for their atrocities against their workforce.

Based upon the book Killer Company by journalist Matt Peacock, the Devil’s Dust mini-series manages to evoke confronting emotions while also illuminating an appalling chapter of Australia’s industrial history.         listen to this Interview as well xx

Then on the very night this was shown they get the news of a cruel blow.

The fight for justice on behalf of up to 20,000 Australians who’ve died or suffered from asbestos-related diseases has dragged on for decades. Today, the former directors of asbestos maker James Hardie had a win when the New South Wales Court of Appeal reduced the penalties imposed on them in May. The directors had been struck out for approving a false statement to the Stock Exchange, claiming the foundation set up to compensate victims was fully funded when in fact it was underfunded by more than $1 billion. Today they had their corporate disqualification substantially reduced. It was a bitter disappointment for asbestos campaigners like Karen Banton, wife of the late Bernie Banton, who died in 2007 of mesothelioma

James Hardie win disappoints asbestos campaigners
Karen Banton, wife of the late Bernie Banton who died in 2007 of mesothelioma, joins us from her home to express disappointment with a NSW
And now they have got another fight on their hands.
The whole day has been so weird with so many messages about Roger Helmer and I also contacted the prime Minister and another load of MP’s in the fight to stop the man and  his ideas on Asbestos. another friend ill.
I had woken up at 3.15 and just couldn’t get back to sleep so got up and sat here and talked to my friends who hadn’t gone to bed.
It was so cold when we did get the dog walked and it was very cold though and started to rain, we were very glad to get back home.
I will be going to bed early and zonk out
Im worn out ha ha !

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