Living with Mesothelioma My Diary–Went to my first Lung Dog Meeting

Well what a day !!!!  Animated banana walking along slips on a person on the ground

I got up and was all relaxed -worked on the computer, had breakfast, and then when got up and took Louis out I slowly vacuumed and dusted.

Sat on the computer and Ray said -err its on my diary that you have a Lung Dog meet today. NO!!!!!!! I yelled when –11.00am –whats the time now —-10.30am Ekkkkkkkkkkkkk

Dived in the shower dried the hair dryer, shoes on Jacket on and out the door 10.50———-

We sped along and rolled into their car park at the Conference Centre  11.30am –and guess what -being Doctors and nurses others were late as well.

They started the CNS Break out then he he !!! then lunch at 12.30 how brill was that.

After lunch were different talks with lots of Doctors joining us. They shook my hand and made me so welcome and some already knew me from treatment, it was weird they wer just ordinary men and women not the same in a different relaxing atmosphere Just  people caring and just as frustrated with things in the hospitals that we patients are.

They talk in weird words like Update on Clinical Metrics abd Commissioning Pathway. Lucada /Intoflex Data Qaulity and Completeness Update, DVH EBUS, the Pathway between Lung MDT and Guys etc etc but I was understanding most of it and really found it interesting.

Then it was the RAT group where they discussed trials. I asked why didnt we do the same trials as the USA -like what -well like CRYO –freezing –it turns out that We in the UK have to wait for the USA to pass the trials and thee have to have an Expression of Interest to have Money from the Trust.

I never knew that and so I have really learnt a lot today.

It was great to see how hard they work to keep waiting lists down and we in East Kent are doing really well on that score.

So my conclusion on the day is we have wonderful Doctors and Nurses really working hard and are always trying to improve our NHS –I feel every patient should have a chance to sit on a meeting it would really open peoples eyes to the way they really do care.

They are just as frustrated as us the Mesothelioma is so nasty and that there isnt a cure but they are making a slow progress to be able to give us the best possible Palative Care.

I have so many charts and lists now to wade through but I hope this gives a insight to what we discussed.

We came home in the dark and there had been an accident blocking the Hernebay road so we had to go off into the country lane at Dargate to come home through the back roads.

So nice to get home at 6.30pm we have had a long day phew!!! but a wonderful day.

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