Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary – A car crash in Canterbury held us up today

I thought we was going to have a easy day today –Wrong!!!

We went to Canterbury as I had a blood test to do as they want to check my kidney function after Chemo and before scan and the contrast.

Of to the Park and ride but by the time we got on the bus the roads were at gridlock and we crept along. It took  One hour 15 mins to get to the hospital.

The bus passed the accident and it looked horrific as it looks like a car either didnt see the scaffolding on a lorry or it slipped but the poor man had to be cut out of the car.

I couldn’t believe the pile Of Debris they were sweeping up.

We did get to the Bus station and got ourselves to the hospital. I had the blood test in no time and we were on our way back to the High Street and shopped for Rays Black suit for the January IATP Dinner and 007 evening.

Cant find a bow tie though so we have to keep searching.

Bought some lovely fruit from a stall in the street market.

Returned home.

Poor Debbie has had another rude letter from an MP.

Had a message from Giles Chichester, MEP for the South West.

Dear Miss Brewer,
Thank you for your email dated 1st November with regard to mesothelioma and white asbestos.
You have referred to statements made by Roger Helmer MEP and I must point out that he is now a member of UKIP so I am not his keeper and you should address your complaints to his two UKIP colleagues in the South West.
It is my understanding that white asbestos is not in the same category as the blue variety for toxicity, especially if correctly contained and handled but I confess I don’t know much about your condition. All I can do is express my sympathy because I do not belong to the committee where this matter is being considered.
Should you think there is something practical I could do to help you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Giles Chichester.

It is getting naughty as we are going backwards –White is dangerous there is scientific evidence so why is there a growing trend with government to say different and to say he doesnt know about Mesothelioma –well he needs training but I do wonder why he is even a MEP.

Debbie and I will have to chain ourselves to Parliament soon if we are to get anywhere.

Grandma is here, somebody wanna go let her in . . .   Rays blog


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