Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary– A lovely day and then asked to fight the Russian Asbestos Industry Gee!!

Had a funny weird day really -like you do.

The morning went fast as we tidied up and then walked the dog along to the sea front.









Let Louis of the lead but he never goes very far away and runs between Ray and I.









We had a lot of throwing a ball and have a play around.

The caravan site look so sad now everyone has gone home

We had a shock as we didn’t know the Blue Anchor Pub has changed its name to Oyster Pearl I have checked up and its only just happened –It will always be the Blue Anchor –its been there since I can remember.









The Oyster boat was in I dont know if the use it through the winter










Louis went back on the lead and we set off back home









We said hello to the horses and then walked back home it had been a lovely walk and although the sky looked like it was going to pour hard it just hasnt, keeping dry all day.

Treated myself to prawns and   Avocado Pear salad, then watched the Caravan show.

I received a email from my solicitor asking for my help to send my name in  I was delighted to add my name – I really cant understand why we are having to fight such a fight. ASBESTOS HAS TO BE BANNED well I suppose its all to do with Money and greed but that is why Im ill with Mesothelioma —Greed is killing me –it has to stop NOW!!!!

added my name and then sent it to people in the Industry who are fighting the fight along side us.


Margaret Chan
Director General, World Health Organization

Dear Margaret Chan:

We are appalled to learn that a representative of the International Agency
for Research on Cancer (IARC) is apparently scheduled to participate in a
conference, Chrysotile Asbestos: Risk Assessment and Managementť, to be
in Kiev,Ukraine November 21 and 22.

The conference has been organised by agencies of the governments of Ukraine
and Russia. As you know, the governments of Ukraine and Russia work closely
with the asbestos industry and both the governments and the asbestos
industry jointly promote continued use of chrysotile asbestos and deny the
clear, independent, reputable science regarding harm caused by chrysotile

We believe that the purpose of this conference is to promote the continued
use of chrysotile asbestos. Scientists who have been financed by and
to the asbestos industry for many years and who promote continued use of
chrysotile asbestos will be making presentations at the conference. The
of this conference is to sabotage the efforts of the World Health
Organization to end use of chrysotile asbestos and to sabotage the
recommendation of the Rotterdam Convention’s expert scientific committee
list chrysotile asbestos as a hazardous substance, which will be put
forward at the upcoming 2013 Conference of the Parties to the Rotterdam

Recognizing the destructive impact of the global tobacco lobby in
subverting the work of the World Health Organization (WHO) and public
health agencies to protect people from being harmed by tobacco
products,the WHO and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control forbid
the participation of the tobacco industry, participation of government
agencies working in conjunction with the tobacco industry, and
participation of scientists working with and for the tobacco industry, in
meetings concerning health protection against tobacco harm.

The WHO rightfully decided it was obliged to adopt this policy forbidding
collaboration with the tobacco industry because of the conflict of
of the tobacco industry and because of the long, sordid history of
subversion of public health policy by the tobacco industry and its
governmental and scientific allies.

The same long, sordid history of subversion of public health policy and the
same problem of conflict of interest applies to the asbestos lobby.

We call on you to immediately cancel the participation of IARC in this sham
scientific conference, which brings together governmental agencies and
scientists that collaborate with the asbestos industry and which aims to
promote the interests of the asbestos industry and defeat public health
efforts around the world to prevent further deaths from asbestos-related

We are also disturbed by the fact that IARC is collaborating with
scientists who are the Russian asbestos industry’s strongest defenders and
who deny the independent, reputable science on harm caused by chrysotile
asbestos in a study, Historical cohort study of cancer mortality following
exposure to chrysotile asbestos at the Uralasbest plant in Asbest, Russian

We would like to know how this study is being funded and whether the IARC
Ethics Committee has approved this involvement of IARC. Given the
indistinguishability between the government and the asbestos industry in
Russia, we believe there is cause for serious concern about associating
IARC’s name with studies that appear to us to be influenced and
controlled by the asbestos industry.

We request your immediate reply on these urgent concerns, which, in our
view, put the reputation, integrity and credibility of IARC at risk.  Rays Blog


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