Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary– Ray is all medical Appointments and Debbie gets her results xx

Yesterday was spent travelling to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital -the times we do that journey on the Park and Ride between us.

Ray had to see the Doctor that had operated on his eye and so I sat in the waiting room while he went in I was sitting with a lovely lady who came from Gillingham and her brother had worked in Chatham Dockyard and the Navy –when he died he couldnt breath we always wondered if he had Mesothelioma—hmmm another misdiagnosed case like my dad so the figures must be higher than than they publish  Ray came out and it was sort of good news as we already knew he wasnt wearing glasses anymore but the Doc is still worried about the pressure in his eye -maybe that will get better the more months that pass to his next appointment.

I took my box of needles and ask where I could dump them. They dont let you I have to phone up and ask for the council to come out to collect them. Oh dear thats something I will bring up in my next meeting. A patient travels to the hospital and there is no where they can put needles or any medical waste –excuse the pun –RUBBISH!!! what a waste of money.

We came back into the High Street and I raided the Greengrocers for fruit as they sell the biggest grapes and they are so lovely to eat.

The Shop windows are being decorated for Christmas which is lovely










We were so pleased to get back home to a cup of Coffee.

Today –Great  I have another Scan date 3rd december 2012 here come the CT Blues as I wont be getting the results until the New Year thats for sure. I did have an appointment to see the Oncologist on 31st of December but I will be away for Christmas and the New Year so I have asked for an appoint change to the 7th Jan –I want to enjoy Christmas.

I hate waiting but I have been thinking –they send the Oncologists appointment first then we have to wait for the scan appointment –two different departments -so thats where it falls down –they really should get together and do the appointments together that would even it out hmmmmm I need to bring that up xx

I have been cleaning out and washing out cupboards to get everything ready not only for Christmas but also just in case I have to go back on Chemo again. Just incase.

The dog is walked as we had to go to the GP -well Ray did and the GP told Ray he was so pleased to have me on board as Patient Rep as I really am level headed, so pleased he is pleased.

Ray had to see him to see where he is to go from here for treatment to his back so he has been put on the needle just to see if a couple will be good if not it will be the pain therapist so we will see.

Had Lunch and we are all waiting to see if Debbie gets her Ok results after her Chemo

Even being Private she has to wait a week –we are waiting to celebrate xx

Oh just looked she says All good with the scan x x x one little bit that is still growing x no treatment till after Christmas x x x

Little devil but its days are numbered. xxx

Cyber Flowers to Debbie










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