Living with Mesothelioma __My Diary _ The Wind Blew like a Hurrican all night

Oh what a night it was -it really was a night.

I woke up to what I thought was a train thundering to us and realised the wind was horrific outside.

I got up looked at the clock 2.30am so I went and looked out of the window and the trees and plants were being forced over to the ground.

My Dustbin had moved down the garden and it has a lot of rubbish in it so quiet heavy.

I went back to bed and everything was rattling. There were calm bits and then the roar again.

I did get back to sleep and then we saw the wind damage when we got up. The dustbin bought back and doors closed on Rays Garden cupboard, the gate shut and leaves picked up.

Mind you on one tree the leaves have been striped right off and blown away so I dont have the problem of picking them up like I do every year.

This was Exmouth last night so many people had floods so we were lucky

I took Louis out and a Motorhome was parked next to mine a man had wild camped in our car park as he sheltered  from the weather so I hope no one was cross with him doing that.

Traveling in the wind was awful.

When we walked Louis there was a lot of damage around –fences missing etc

We watched the lovely film Mermaid this afternoon, I was just in the mood for a sweet film and I did enjoy it so we had a great afternoon just chilling out.

MERMAIDS is the story of the turbulent relationship between a flamboyant, outrageous mom (Cher) and her two daughters (Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci) who just want a normal, stable life. Socially rebellious and provocative, the mother is reluctant to settle down, even at the request of her two daughters (one of whom, despite being Jewish, longs to enter a convent). The unusual family has moved 18 times in the last 15 years, usually whenever Mrs. Flax senses she might have to commit to a relationship. But this time the girls hope the family will stay put, and their conflicting desires lead to a final, near-tragic result.

mermaids7 150x150 Mermaids

mermaids1 150x150 Mermaids

All so cute.  Rays Blog




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