Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary– Its getting colder and got caught by Wednesday closing at the Post office

Its getting colder by the day thank goodness for a efficient central heating system.

Very nicely made realistic animated loop of burning logs in a fireplace

I miss the open fire of my childhood though but of coarse only one room was warm then and the bedrooms were so icy, although

I never remember feeling the cold as much as I do now Im older.

We stayed in and Ray helped me wrap all the Christmas presents so thats a job done.

We put the ones for the post in a carrybag and planned to walk to the Post Office after lunch (big mistake)

We walked out and braced ourselves for the cold wind that was blowing and then found it was Wednesday afternoon closing.

What an old fashioned idea that is. With all the large stores and out of town shopping mall’s in this modern world Wednesday closing just does not compute.

woman walking carrying brief case

So we had to bring the parcels back and then will take them this morning again.

I had an enjoyable time showing my friend in Australia my home town on google earth and showed her Whitstable which she enjoyed

The quaint small streets

I had an animated telephone call from the hospital reminding me of my appointment Monday for my scan. This is a great new service

that they have started. The phone rings and a animated voice asks if you are Mavis Nye you press 1

Then it tells you that your appointment for a scan is on Monday and the time and press 1 if you are going to attend.

They know then that you are coming. Very modern technology.

Im sneezing today and seem like I have a cold coming. The dreaded cold that you pray doesnt go to a chesty cough

The lungs cant cope very well with this very common cold.

We put the yellow box of my needles on the step on Tuesday night as they were collecting the yesterday at 6am they sat there all day,

Ray phoned up and they said they would be collected as somebody was doing the collecting.

So a box of needles sat there all day. Went out with Louis in the garden and the box has gone this morning.

I really do feel it would be better if there was a collection point at the GP’s or the Hospital it would be so much safer. Hmmmm noted for my next Locality meeting.

Rays bog


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