Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary — A very Frosty Start and good news on a Trial in US

A very frosty and cold morning

Picture sent in by Teresa Frecker

Yesterday was a quiet day we just pottered about and tidied up and took the dog for a walk and posted the Christmas Parcels as the Post Office was open.

Then last night I found one we had missed as I had to find an address. So a trip up the post office again today.

Ray had a parcel left when we came home it was all the way from Hong Kong and Louis went mad over it. It was only a camera case but he was smelling smething on it and wondered if it was a doggy smell where the dogs run around smelling for drugs. It was so weird that he wouldnt leave it alone so Ray took the wrappings off and Louis tore it to shreds.

We have had a great discussion on dreams on a private forum so interesting

A friend wrote  Very heavy stuff here for a Friday. Here’s what I recall from my psych nurse days. When we got to sleep our left brain (practical) shuts down and goes to sleep instantly. Our right brain (creative) comes alive as it has no competition from the left side. Thus allowing us to imagine, create, develop and process thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions. Most everyday strange and bizarre mixed dreams are purely a collection of random thoughts influenced by what we may have seen, heard, done, thought during the day time. Repeated dreams that follow a contextual theme and disturb your sleep do tend to signify underlying anxiety or tension which if left unresolved can be exacerbated by sleep deprivation and its good to seek some help.

I have added — they have also found that people who have a bad sleep pattern dont remember things as well as someone who sleeps well and dreams therefore the conclusion is that we sleep and everything is sorted and tucked away in memory saving the good parts and discarding what we dont need — this causes us to dream

All great for a Motorhome Forum I love discussions

Micheal Vigo has written a great book on the subject

Space Odyssey 2010


Some cancer news


The initial cohort of 17 patients received SS1P QOD x 6 doses and the MTD was 18 microg/kg/dose. Dose-limiting toxicities (DLT) included grade 3 uticaria (one patient) and grade 3 vascular leak syndrome (two patients). To allow further SS1P dose escalation, 17 patients were treated on the QOD x 3 schedule and the MTD was 45 microg/kg/dose. The DLT was grade 3 pleuritis and was seen in two of two patients treated at a dose of 60 microg/kg and in one of nine patients treated at a dose of 45 microg/kg. At the MTD of 45 microg/kg, the mean C(max) of SS1P was 483 ng/mL and half-life was 466 min. Of the 33 evaluable patients treated, 4 had minor responses, 19 had stable disease (including 2 with resolution of ascites), and 10 had progressive disease.

Then a USA Warrior writes on our Facebook page

recieved wonderful news yesterday from Dr Hassan at NIH. I was there having follow up CT scan and PET scan the last few days. He reports the scans show 98-99% shrinkage of the tumors, he said he has never seen results like this, the tumor continues to shrink even though I finished my SS1P clinical trial in May 2012. Of course I am very happy and so is my family. He states he needs to make some adjustments in the protocol of the SS1P trial and then it will be opened back up hopefully in January 2013 and he will be able to take on more patients to be in the trial. I hope he continues to get these great results in many more patients. Thank you God!

You wish we could all have the drug and give it a try but we have to wait until it goes through all the procedures and this is so frustrating to us.

We would be Guinea pigs willingly so WHEN DO WE WANT IT WE WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!

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