living with Mesothelioma…A postcard from Dorset… new years eve Morning.

We have had a lovely walk in the Purbeck Hills just near our Camping Site.
The weather has been very windy all night and plenty of rain but as we are sheltered here it wasn’t that bad. We love listening to the rain.
We had a late night out so we were tired anyway.

It. Was very refreshing walking in the rain because the hedges shelter you from the weather.

Ray is always taking pictures of my rear view

Now Louis,s rear view included

looking back to the Camp site

I think even Louis was pleased when we decided to turn back ..Bless
now we are in the Motorhome where I’m preparing to cook party food for tonight’s festivities

I wish you all a very Happy New Year ..may 2013 be a good year for you all and I personally hope I will be here saying Happy 2014 to my friends all my Mesowarrior,s – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

living with Mesothelioma ..My Diary.. postcard from Corfe Castle

Still the weather is so mild as we woke up. I had woken up in the early hours with a painful lung and all my body feeling numb… Didn’t like that feeling.. As I got up when we finally decided I just had pins and needles in the hans and feet so I had returned back to normal.
We packed the Motorhome down for travel and set off to Corfe Castle. the car park was easy for the Motorhome.. no barriers and plenty of good spaces.
we walked up the hill to the village.

The Boar Mill Cottage had plenty of water rushing through.

Walking up the hill was tiring but we made it

we had a lovely walk around as it is a very sweet village and we shopped in the local cake shop buying local cake.
Fruit cakes with cider in mmm.

Back in the car park I cooked our dinner and as I did so the little steam train came by a tooting away as it pulled in the station.

so we ate our dinner and walked Louis again and then traveled back to our site.
We watched a film and we are now going to the club house where tomorrow we will be celebrating the New Year.

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Living with Mesothelioma …My Diary.. A Roast pork Surprise

The rain was very heavy through the night and then stopped as we woke up, although it was very late this morning.
We had a day around the site so we could explore the area, first though I washed the Motorhome again to see if we could get the marks off where the branch had hit us.
Lucky they did come off and no damage could be seen.
we strolled around with Louis as the scenery is so pretty even in winter.

It does look a little wet doesn’t it but it did stay dry most of the day and we had a house keeping day as we tidied up a but.
Then this evening Tony and Lois Sliced up a pork joint they had been cooking all day. We had pork rolls, roast potatoes,and stuffing balls, followed by Christmas pudding, they mad a lovely job of it.

A lovely time was had by all but it gradually got chilly and we all have said goodnight now and settled in the warm for a nice evening
Well done Tony it has been a great evening xxx

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Living With Mesothelioma ..My Diary.. postcard from Poole Dorset

Although the skies were overcast we set off to Poole Harbour today as we were on a mission.
Ray had already painted Poole Quey for our friends 60th birthday.

We arrived on the quay very easily and found the car park to park the Motorhome in. Louis on a lead and we set off to walk the quays.

it was blowy but not cold and I enjoyed the walk.

Ray found little buildings still there that were in the paintings

then he was over joyed to find the Captains House.

I loved all the boats that were tied up to the quayside

I made a dinner and we watched the sea when we got back to the Motorhome, Louis also watched as people were passing with their dogs,
It was growing dark so we set of back to the site. On the way a branch on a tree had been hit and it was swinging to us as we were powerless to avoid it. The traffic was coming the other way so Ray couldn’t swing away from it as it clunked on our roof. We are lucky and it looks like 3 black marks that might come off, we will have to see tomorrow.

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living with Mesothelioma …a wonderful Christmas Holiday

A lot to catch up on …. We traveled to Wexham to stay with our son and DIL and had an early Xmas, starting on the Saturday… This became our Christmas evening to hang our stockings up.
Our Grandson came over and joined the fun.
Opened up our Christmas presents on Sunday …our Christmas Day.

my secret Santa was lovely.

Louis Loved all the excitement

On the real Christmas day the pair of them washed the roof of the Motorhome as a treat
We then went to see Life of PI in 3 D and it was brilliant although I felt seasick by the end, it was to real.
Yesterday as our son traveled out to his Villa to be in the sun we traveled to Swanage and met friends for a holiday where last night we sat having a drink and a laugh. We woke up rather late this morning so we had a wonderful shower and late breakfast the decided to take Louis by the Steam. train into Swanage.
We walked down the lane to the Herstan Halt where we had to wave the train down. Only us got on but the train did have lots of passenger,s already on board.

We walked around Swanage

It was time to return back and we enjoyed the ride again.

Louis had been a good dog and he is now fast asleep, worn out after his exciting day out.
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Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Well Christmas is here and all the presents are wrapped –I wish you all a very Merry christmas



christmas message








We have been working away getting all the things together for the Motor Home to set off to my family and the lovely Christmas they have planned for us.

We have asked phone calls to ask do  you like this and do you like that, I wish that DIL of mine would relax and just serve it up but she likes to get every detail so  right.

I have given out all my cards to the neighbours and presents to the ones I buy for.

Ray has wrapped all the presents to take with us.

Ray has really felt this weeks Needles in his back but that would seem that it means they are working and also the reason why he was feeling sick yesterday.

But as the day has gone on he appears to have got better so he is happier now.

I hadn’t realised it is the Anniversary of Lockerbie  –I didn’t know it was before Christmas.

Photo: RIP.

Remembering xx

This was on my facebook and i love it xx

Merry Christmas all from all your friends at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (and apologies for the out of tune singing) well done all of you it is really great

Its the shortest day today

Winter Solstice at Stonehenge

This was the Sun rise at Salisbury where aver 5000 people watched

There has been a lot of leg pulling about the end of the world but it didn’t happen or though I bet there was a lot of people thinking to themselves –er just might.

But we are all still here with all our struggles that were the same last night but maybe we should be seeing it is a new beginning and try and change the bad from our lives and carry on with the good.

The Maya Empire, located in what is now Guatemala, reached its peak around the sixth century A.D.  I have read some of the history –I love delving and finding out.

Well here it is Friday when everyone is packing up work and Schools are closing down for Christmas.

You have time for the last little bit of food and the last present where you have forgotten a Auntie –so have a really wonderful time.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, animated gif of Santa Clause in his sleigh waving to you

But Also remembering the Mesowarriors  that have fallen this year –Norman and Peter who I met just before they died and also the warriors that are suffering with their Chemo and Radiation also blood counts  and their Carers are so unhappy but I hope they can find a smile and a happy time with their families.

You know who you are and you know how much I care  and how much I fight for the cure we all need,

thinking of you









Christmas candle burning animation

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