Living with Mesothelioma–My Diary –the Plumber has been and Secret Christmas Presents Start !!

Santa dancing moving back and forth

The clouds have rolled in and been very dark and threatening today. But!!! it was warmer as the rain belted down on us.

The road outside the park flooded in no time  and a huge wall off water was sprayed into the air as they went by so a walk in the lane was hard for ray and Louis and a dear little soaked dog came back from what was supposed to be a pleasant walk.

Ray rubbed him down with a towel and he never moved all morning then.

I had to write and send my story to a new web page in the USA for although Lawyer based I have been involved with Kazen Law for sometime and we have become friends on Twitter where he encourages me in all I do . I had a request to tell my story so I have.

We had to get ready for the Plumber, in case he could get here to fit the new shower, It will be lovely if we can have it today, you don’t realise how much you take it for granted ,  get up and turn the water on to shower– until you cant.

I decided to take Louis for a walk and boy did I get soaked, the wind was howling and the rain was beating down -just not pleasant at all.

We got back in and dried down again

At last we had a call from the Plumber to say he could call in and fit the shower.

He was soon here and started the work, Ray had to go out to Whit and Tank hospital to collect his hearing aid so he set off and was soon back -I hope this one doesn’t go down the loo.

The Plumber soon finished and was on his way and then the phone rings tonight and our son wants to know what dates we have in Jan and Feb 2013 as he has come up with a great present for us.

Now last year you will remember it was the Orient Express  as i was just going back into Chemo and we didn’t know if I would get through the year.

So goodness knows what he has planned but what ever it is we have to wait until Sunday 17th Feb they are little devils and I have had to remind them no Hot Air balloons –I don’t do heights !!!!

animated butterfly flapping wings


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