Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Baked a cake mmmm

Twinkling lights on a realistic Christmas Tree

All the trees are going up in the houses and children are getting so excited. Christmas cakes are baked and marzipan has been rolled.

Must admit i did like this tree that was on Face book

Paramedics on Facebook

We have to go shopping tomorrow to buy the last bits of food to see us over the  holiday.

I have been putting together today a list of things to have ready to talk to the Hospital “In your shoes” –

All my friends on face book today seem to chatting about their dogs -we do spoil our pooches and we all love our dogs -even ray talked about our dogs in his blog.

I wonder why is it really just a coincident.

I have really not done much today just walked Louis and cooked a Lamb Diner and a Coffee and Walnut cake.

Coffee and walnut cake

It has been a really nice sunny day and so much milder than last week and now the heavens have open and it pouring so another wet night.

Rays Blog

© KC
You’re never alone, I’m always near,
When your troubled, down or blue.
All you have to do is call me,
I’m always here for you.It doesn’t matter where I’m at,
It doesn’t matter when.
When you need someone to talk to,
I’m here to be your friend.

If you need someone to hold your hand,
or a hug to say I care.
If you need a shoulder to cry on,
for you I will be there.

So never think you are a burden,
when the weight gets to be to much.
You might find if look hard enough,
a good friend could be the right touch.

You’re never alone, I’m always here,
through the good times and the bad.
I’m always here to be your friend,
I don’t like to see you sad.


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