Living With Mesothelioma ..My Diary.. postcard from Poole Dorset

Although the skies were overcast we set off to Poole Harbour today as we were on a mission.
Ray had already painted Poole Quey for our friends 60th birthday.

We arrived on the quay very easily and found the car park to park the Motorhome in. Louis on a lead and we set off to walk the quays.

it was blowy but not cold and I enjoyed the walk.

Ray found little buildings still there that were in the paintings

then he was over joyed to find the Captains House.

I loved all the boats that were tied up to the quayside

I made a dinner and we watched the sea when we got back to the Motorhome, Louis also watched as people were passing with their dogs,
It was growing dark so we set of back to the site. On the way a branch on a tree had been hit and it was swinging to us as we were powerless to avoid it. The traffic was coming the other way so Ray couldn’t swing away from it as it clunked on our roof. We are lucky and it looks like 3 black marks that might come off, we will have to see tomorrow.

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