Living with Mesothelioma …My Diary.. A Roast pork Surprise

The rain was very heavy through the night and then stopped as we woke up, although it was very late this morning.
We had a day around the site so we could explore the area, first though I washed the Motorhome again to see if we could get the marks off where the branch had hit us.
Lucky they did come off and no damage could be seen.
we strolled around with Louis as the scenery is so pretty even in winter.

It does look a little wet doesn’t it but it did stay dry most of the day and we had a house keeping day as we tidied up a but.
Then this evening Tony and Lois Sliced up a pork joint they had been cooking all day. We had pork rolls, roast potatoes,and stuffing balls, followed by Christmas pudding, they mad a lovely job of it.

A lovely time was had by all but it gradually got chilly and we all have said goodnight now and settled in the warm for a nice evening
Well done Tony it has been a great evening xxx

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