living with Mesothelioma ..My Diary.. postcard from Corfe Castle

Still the weather is so mild as we woke up. I had woken up in the early hours with a painful lung and all my body feeling numb… Didn’t like that feeling.. As I got up when we finally decided I just had pins and needles in the hans and feet so I had returned back to normal.
We packed the Motorhome down for travel and set off to Corfe Castle. the car park was easy for the Motorhome.. no barriers and plenty of good spaces.
we walked up the hill to the village.

The Boar Mill Cottage had plenty of water rushing through.

Walking up the hill was tiring but we made it

we had a lovely walk around as it is a very sweet village and we shopped in the local cake shop buying local cake.
Fruit cakes with cider in mmm.

Back in the car park I cooked our dinner and as I did so the little steam train came by a tooting away as it pulled in the station.

so we ate our dinner and walked Louis again and then traveled back to our site.
We watched a film and we are now going to the club house where tomorrow we will be celebrating the New Year.

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