living with Mesothelioma…A postcard from Dorset… new years eve Morning.

We have had a lovely walk in the Purbeck Hills just near our Camping Site.
The weather has been very windy all night and plenty of rain but as we are sheltered here it wasn’t that bad. We love listening to the rain.
We had a late night out so we were tired anyway.

It. Was very refreshing walking in the rain because the hedges shelter you from the weather.

Ray is always taking pictures of my rear view

Now Louis,s rear view included

looking back to the Camp site

I think even Louis was pleased when we decided to turn back ..Bless
now we are in the Motorhome where I’m preparing to cook party food for tonight’s festivities

I wish you all a very Happy New Year ..may 2013 be a good year for you all and I personally hope I will be here saying Happy 2014 to my friends all my Mesowarrior,s – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


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