Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary– A Happy New Year to you all

We had a great New Years Eve with our friends and fellow Campers.


Just a small piece of cake please Tony ha ha !!

We had a great New Years Eve party with many drinks as we said goodbye to 2012.

The campsite was all partying as well and everyone was in good humour –such a fun night.

We said good night and had made up our minds to travel home this morning as the roads would be so much quieter and we were so right.

We sailed through to Clacket’s Services which was empty.

Ray treated me to a –Milk Shake and a bag of chips. It was divine.

The washing machine went straight on and I washed all the fur covers for the Motorhome ready for the IATP 007 weekend end of January in Derby.

All the clothes are washed and dried and ironed so Im really glad we came back a day earlier.

It has been a wonderful Christmas and new Year with wonderful memories.


Ray has written about the whole holiday bless him


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