Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Where is the Sunshine ??

Life is being a drag at the moment. The New Year Blues really.

I think where the run up to Christmas and all the fun has now all died back we are left with the fact our problems are still here.

We have lost a few warriors which is all very sad and there are a few more so ill. There must be many that have not found us on Facebook so havent got our support and are battling alone.

They say it will peak in 2020 and here we are in 2013 –so sad.

Every ache and pain we wonder if its Mr nasty doing his worse. My back is hurting and it must b a trapped nerve from having the house as a Chinese Laundry since we came home from Swanage. There was so much mud around and Louis would run straight in with his wet paws that I felt I had to wash everything.

All the lugging of the wet washing to the drier has had a toil on my back but of coarse Im worried that Mr Nasty is wrapping around my spine. I give so much advice out but don’t listen to myself.

Well tomorrows appointment for scan results cant come soon enough so that I can relax for another 3 months.

We have been walking Louis and Im getting better each day so life isn’t all deary, we just need the sunshine –Oh!! how we need the sunshine. Its been the wettest year for 100 years. We should have sun lamps issued free on the NHS so that people cheer up.

Keep watching and you will feel better ha ha !!!

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One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Where is the Sunshine ??

  1. Hi Mavis & Ray, I always wonder how you are doing? Just on the internet and thought -haven’t seen any posts from Mavis so must look. Yes we do need the sun. We went to France in September but Brian fell out the bunk bed and broke two bones in his thumb. Nothing to compared to what you have been through- keep fighting and hope your results are positive. Love to you both.

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