Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– A Day of mixed emotions –Goodnight to Cher —My Scan Result day -Good News!!!

Well what a day –We were asked not to say that Darling Cher was loosing her battle as all her family and friends had to be notified, but she had sent a message to us via her Darling husband. She wanted us to carry on and fight. It just shows how clear the mind is even when death is close by.

She passed away last night so I didn’t see Debbies message until I got up this morning.

Cher was married on December 1st, a target she wanted to meet.

And her 49th Birthday was reached 3rd January Bless her.

cher and neil (1)

Cher and Neil on their wedding daycherRIP

Photo: Cher painted the snowdrops and it became a symbol of hope to us all so please Mesowarriors fight on xxxx

Cher painted the snowdrops and it became a symbol of hope to us all so please Mesowarriors fight on xxxx


Today was the day of my scan result so I went off with a very heavy heart and so depressed, as I have been for a few days.

We got to the hospital far to early and although I was weighed early we had to sit waiting long after my appointment time as our Oncologist lets you talk and to ask as many questions as you like.

We finally went in and my chin was on the floor but she said “well lets get it out of the way quick your scan is good”. Ray did the biggest sigh I have heard and I just giggled.

I said i was expecting bad news as i have had so much back pain and I was scared it had got to my spine. She said I could have a bone scan if I was worried so I said no lets wait if it continues to get better fine if not I will phone you and she said “of coarse” I think we have so many scans I do worry what it is doing.

I told her I had fell in front of a car. I told her the whole story and that I have to be so aware where Im putting my feet as I walk.

She said that the Chemo damage is causing my Periphial Neuropathy caused by Chemo thats why my hands and my feet go numb to especially as I sleep.

So I have a name for my looking drunk ha ha !!

Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

It usually starts in the hands and/or feet and creeps up the arms and legs. Sometimes it feels like a tingling or numbness. Other times, it’s more of a shooting and/or burning pain or sensitivity to temperature. It can include sharp, stabbing pain, and it can make it difficult to perform normal day-to-day tasks like buttoning a shirt, sorting coins in a purse, or walking. An estimated 30 to 40 percent of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy experience these symptoms, a condition called chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN).

At last I can read up about it and ask more questions and hope this might help others on chemo

We talked bout my Award with IATP and she would like to see it when I have received it so I promised to drop in and see her.

We talked about “In your Shoes” and all that had entailed.

So that was it — She will make an appointment for 3 months time for another scan in April. So I have my life back for three months.

I really did cheer up and the ride home was happier than the ride there.

Im sure Cher was there with me –well she was in my thoughts all the time at least.

Came home and with all the good wishes from my very dear Facebook friends Debbie had put

Photo: So pleased with your news my lovely warrior friend x x

Pooh Bear is a very family Favorite so this made me laugh xx

Steve Wride who has been diagnosed as long as me has had his Chemo today so I want to say good luck Steve and hope you feel OK –thinking of you xxx














I love you so much Ray Nye –I thought My time was coming to an end i really did –I think we have lost so many warriors over Christmas and the New Year and then Cher –our darling Cher has gone You sort of loose confidence and it really is torture . All these 3 months by 3 months -not being able to plan longer than 3 months — hole on in there and be my rock xxxx


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