Living With Mesothelioma–My Diary– Louis went to the Hairdresser –now he is sulking.

Early up today and it was so dark but a Robin was singing away again.

Louis was having the hairdresser coming –Doggies and Moggies a mother and daughter business. they always have cut his hair.

I took Louis for a walk first and then Ray got up, so when the phone went and they let us know they had arrived in the carpark, off my 2 boys went.

Ray came back to wait and he was so amazed how the lady picked him up and gave him such a hug (Louis that was ) we know we have left him in good hands.

I got all my housework done while he was gone and the phone went for Ray to pick him up. She said how nervous he was and ray explained how he has got worse since he was attacked.

Oh was they Staffies and they were from the house on the left –Err yes they were–Oh Louis was lucky to escape from them, I know them!!!

Oh dear maybe we should have done more about them as it seems they are well known and it wasn’t the first time they had attacked.

Anyway here is my little man


Go Away Im not talking to you !!


I said go away


Ok one kiss but look Im naked you have had all my hair cut off –you have ruined my reputation as a mouthy dog.


Oh Mum if Im very very good will you not have my hair cut for 6 months –I cant stand looking like the Spec Save Advert.

So that was that we carried on and got the clothes washing and drying  and then after lunch we took Louis for his walk.I had a lovely chat with a woman who we pass with her little dog and she chatted about her 6 year old has started to wee when she goes out. I said she ought to get him checked out just in case he had a bladder or kidney infection. Never know but if nothing wrong then he might have anxiety problems starting.

I forget to tell her of Louis thunder jacket that might work for him to.

The postman has delivered my Tiger for the IATP Auction. He is wonderful and Im well pleased. I even contacted the Company I bought it from to thank them. He really looks real and is so cuddly I have had to hide him in my wardrobe or I or Louis will play with him.


Decided tonight to defrost the freezer love having lists of jobs to do and working through the list.

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