Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A Helicopter has crashed in London

Well I was just about to write my blog and say how yesterday was quiet and we had a trip to Tesco to buy a few items that I had missed in my big shop.

We took Louis for a walk around and it was so sunny. A winter Sun is so bright and Ray needs sun glasses to drive in it.

Just a quiet day.

Wake up today and the it is so different.

A message on facebook said there was a helicopter crash in London.

The News was showing the pictures and i told Ray to ring our son who works in London.

vauxhall crash

He had over laid and was just getting in his car, yes he was on his way to Vauxhall to the very road. Oh thank god he over laid as there are cars that were passing caught under the helicopter and are on fire.

You just never know do you.

So now Im both sad for the what has happened and very relieved for the fact my son is OK.

I have had this feeling before when Ray and Terry were caught up in the a bombing in London when they were working at Schroders Bank on a Saturday and the bomb went off and blew my son off of a ladder onto Ray who was holding the ladder.

They phoned me and told me there will be a report on telly but dont worry they are safe.

I turned the telly on and watch the story unfold before me.

I so pleased they had warned me first.

When my two went out side the scene in front of them was unbelievable.

It had been a normal street when they went to work.Traffic just beginning to flow as the Sunday started. They went for breakfast at a cafe and strolled into the building to work.

What they came out to was this :-

File:IRA Bishopsgate.JPG

Devastating. but so lucky.

Well  that was a great start to today I have forgotten that it has snowed overnight and it has been freezing cold.

I think I need another coffee.

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