Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Very cold night and woke to a heavy Frost

It was very cold today when I woke up at 8am –yes 8am a lay in –WOW!!!

There was a thick frost but the sun was blazing away in a wonderful blue sky.


The picture has come out hazy so the as if the was a mist but I think it might be ice crystal doing something.

but it was -10c out there brrrrrr it was 20c indoors so i know where to stay.

I have been on my high horse and sorting out why we have to have our dogs tagged on the collar with all their details on it, if the have a chip.

This has come about by Meridian ITV report that the cases of dogs being stolen is rising in our area.

Very sad and i just want to protect our animals.

It is in the pipeline to have all dogs from birth Chipped so i will keep an eye on the DEFRA web page.

We went to Rays needles but the receptionist had made a mistake and hadn’t put the appointment on the computer -only on Rays card.

I was off walking the dog around and hadn’t expected Ray to come out that quick, but he did.

Whoops a maddening thing to happen.

These days are passing so quickly and I dont know where a day goes to.

I had a delivery of 3 lovely scarfs that I had ordered so that I can wear and just hold over my mouth to help breathing when the weather is cold

They are so large they can be a shawl as well -all very nice and in a sale for £3.49 –I love a bargain- Im well pleased with them.

I feel well just a small pain today in the bottom rib and the cold does hurt the breathing when I go outside.

The say we are going to have very bad snow tomorrow , so we will have to see.

UK snow

Still the pictures will be lovely

Rays Blog


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