Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Lots of snow except here –Thank Goodness

The whole country has gone mad with snow everywhere but here in Kent.

Lots of wonderful photos on Facebook so I have had to make do with looking at them.

I always watch the snow to report on the Motorhome Forums how Dover is doing as my fellow Motorhomers do travel down to go to France and rush to Spain for the sun.

Today they have had a good road to the Ferries and the Train at Folkestone.

2 photos put on have made me laugh


snow joke

Both are so true

When it snows heavy I always remember when I walked 5 miles to work everyday to GEC and right on Christmas eve it snowed when i got to work.

We didn’t care as we were all having a last day drink and nibbles.

Ray had walked with me son with my wellies for me and I came out a bit worse for daytime drinking.

Ray was annoyed –whoops.

We were walking home and when we got to where they were building new houses -I fell down the footings and laid their looking up at 2 very annoyed faces.

Years later when my son bought a new house –guess what we realised it was where I had fallen in the footings as it was covered in snow. he he !!!

Funny what you remember years later.

Well Ray has been a bit breathless today so I was worried about him. This cold wind does get down on the old chest. Alarms ring when he gets that as he to has been exposed to Asbestos.

But he is fine again when back in the house.

I also believe he takes to many tablets for blood pressure and diabetes. I wonder if they are all needed as the side affects are worse than the problem.

Well we are waiting to see if we are going to get any snow tonight

Rays Blog


Whoops that photo has been put together it was really Japan

I have got to confess that isnt in Canada that was just put together it was really in Japan but it still stands doesnt it how other countries do cope

This is how they clear all that snow 6UpY#!


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