Living with Mesothelioma– My Diary — My Big Weekend –Friday –the arrival

On Thursday we traveled to Derby for the IATP 07 Charity Dinner dance

We were so worried setting off as we had snow but ours was disappearing but we were frightened. As we got onto the M2 we realised that things were going to be OK as the motorways was very good and very light in traffic.

Under the Dartford tunnel and into Essex the fields did have light covering in them.

We made our way to the M1 and got to Northampton Services where we were going to camp for the night but we had got there in 2 hours and only had another 80 miles to go.

That was it decision made we traveled on.

Gradually the fields had more snow in them and the scenery was wonderful.


Have you ever seen the M1 so clear.

We were soon at junction 28 where we had to get off and we rolled into the Hotels car park.

errr they hadn’t cleared any snow and the car park was filled  up with cars.


We couldn’t believe a Hotel hadn’t cleared the snow away. We found a box with salt in so we knew we could use it if we got stuck.

We had to go down to the bottom of a slope where we found a spot.

The hotel said they were full so we said we will stay in our Motorhome. The hotel was happy for us to park up as we said we will have a evening meal, this is what you  can get away with in so many hotels and pubs.

We snuggled in with gas fire on and it was soon very warm.

We had a meal and then went to bed early but we still slept in to 9.30am friday.

Friday we got up and waited to book in at 2pm. We went for a walk with Louis and then went into the bar to have a very nice handmade soup for Lunch.

When it was time we did book in and went to our room.

It was all very nice so we were happy.

Linda Reinstein, Christine and Mark Winters arrived with loads of luggage but it was wonderful to meet up and hug and kiss, and sit and have a coffee together with rose Fletcher joining in.

It was lovely to meet everyone.

We all had a lie down and rested making arrangement’s to meet up for the dinner.















In the dinning room was the Two women who run DAST and they were full of good info about what we can claim so they help so many people in Derby who have Mesothelioma.

While we were eating Dinner the snow fell and they couldn’t get their car out of the carpark so stayed at the hotel as well that night.

It came down so fast we though “Oh dear that’s it the people that had cancelled were right we will get trapped here. That my son wouldn’t get through I was so disappointed.

Everyone was tired and Linda needed to catch up with some sleep having flown in from the US so we all said goodnight and settled into our rooms.. Louis really appreciated the hotel room but then we had paid £15.00 per night for him.

Saturday the wet snow was very thick but the roads were once again cleared and My son got through from London so fast. They didnt meet snow until just after Leicstershire.

I worried unnecessarily.

I will write tomorrow about Saturday as it was full of so much love and awareness.

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