Thank you IATP for the Wonderful Award for my work with Asbestos Awareness

Sunday we woke up to a very snowy scene


and I didnt think My Son and Daughter in law would be there so I phoned and they were already on their way up the M1 saying how clear it was but they were being held up by a accident.

So I relaxed and had a lovely breakfast, a full English it was delicious.

I went to Linda Reisteins room to make a video for the ADAO conference that I cant got to in case my Lung collapsed on a plane as it is a long time and a long way, Im very disappointed by that.

We made a video and Linda had given me the Alan Reinstein Award. I made a little thank you speech but as it was more about the Meso Warriors and Mesothelioma I suddenly put the notes down and from nowhere I spoke from the heart. Linda said “That was beautiful” So it was soon made. We chatted away as if we were old friends but we are. We have Skyped so Linda has been in my home and I in hers what a funny world the cyber world is.

I went back to my room to where Ray was relaxed and Louis was asleep. He has been an angel even though he has been left alone in a hotel room for long hours. I think he has only just forgiven me.

We went up to reception as my son and DIL arrived and I introduced them to everyone.

Then in came Chris ward who had driven all the way from Portsmouth so we were pleased to see him. he grabbed me and took me to the room we were to be in and showed me all the lovely table decorations that Stephanie had made.


We sat down and Chris who had sponsored my award and he was going to present it to me, so he asked questions about me so he could draw up his speech. He to has had cancer and come out the other side bless him.

With that over he escorted me back to my seat with the others, such a gentleman. I was smitten.

2 other Mesowarriors arrived so we had Rose Fletcher, Linda Thomas and Judith Turnball joined us as well as my DIL and Son so gradually we were all together having coffee’s and a natter until it was time for me to feed Louis and to get dressed.

I had a shower and put all my long dress on and make up and it got to 7.15 and ray hadn’t returned from walking Louis I was getting uptight. grrr

He finally walked in and explained he had been talking to my son –Men!!!

He rushed getting ready and we went up stairs where everyone was gathering and we walked on a red carpet.

Chris Ward was making sure I was Ok and I met his lovely wife Sylvia she was a delight all evening and we got on so well you couldn’t help it she is s sweet.



We quietly did a photo of me with the Alan Reinstein Award as we didnt want to take anything away from IATP as Linds Conference is in March so we will cover it then.

I gave Linda a Dragonfly to remember us by


The Mesowarriors got together for a photo, we are a mad lot xxxx


We all sat down to very nice meal with lots of talking and laughing and enjoyed the evening.


Well it came to the Awards soon enough with Christine and Mark from IATP opening the procedures

and after honouring some wonderful people it was my turn


Chris said a lovely speech and then I had to deliver my thank you.


Ray found the video camera wouldn’t work and he was devastated but we are putting together a slide show and a surprise that I wont spoil but when it is done we will put it on my blog.

I delivered and I could here it was very powerful but when I finished every one gave me a standing Ovation and I could see everyone was crying or grabbing tissues and then I looked at my family and they were all crying.

My Son said ” Mum Im so so proud of you” that was it I broke down after being so strong.

He said to Ray ” I can appreciate all the work that Mums doing and all the peoples here and their efforts, but at the end of day it wont help my Mum –nobody here can cure her”

That was a powerful message to me then and he is so right xx


Linda and I showing off our awards


We had a gaming table as this was the Casino Royal and 007 and then the Silent auction began.


I dint know Ray had put in a bid for me of £200 for


RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire
Your day at RAF Leeming will include:
Tour of the camp,
Go up into the Air Traffic Control Tower,
Visit the Technical Communications Unit –
A tour round all the Jets,
Chance to sit in a jet and have your photo taken,
Lunch in the Officer’s Mess.
This really is a prize that money can’t buy.

But ray didnt know my Son put in a bid at £300 for me a ha !! we were pipped at the post ahhh!!

Well we danced the night away and went to bed about 2am What a wonderful night

The next day we all woke up very tired and it showed xx


We had to say Goodbye and came away with wonderful Memories.

The snow had melted all away and we saw nothing all the way home where we collapsed and we really havent woken up today, we are shattered.

Ray is making a slide show so I will put it on here soon xx

I missed Councillor Keith Kelly as I wanted to meet him as he has given me so much encouragement and is always Tweeting and Retweeting  me. but he was unable to attend because he had something more Important.

Keith I forgive you xxx



2 thoughts on “Thank you IATP for the Wonderful Award for my work with Asbestos Awareness

  1. I loved meeting you and you were all so kind to us I will never ever forget Saturday night. The photos are al great and we are making an Audio Visual Presentation which I will send to you when Finished. Give my love to that lovely wife of yours xxxxx

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