Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- A Day of Helping To Campaign or finding out where I can help.

My day has been busy as I want to help the residents of Lordswood. I feel that Asbestos First are running their Asbestos business to near to the residents have a look here the building lays just on the trees to the left with a Farm behind it and if you view round to the right you can see all the houses well they are 2 estates with hundreds on houses.

I have been trying to find out if there are any rules on how far such Asbestos holding firms can be.

I have given them a link on facebook of a video that explains how a Asbestos fiber is breathed in and the trouble it causes, I just dont know what other info to put on as I dont want to be scaremongering but just put over the dangers.

A very sensible comment tonight on the link says :-

Yes of course a waste transfer station is needed, yes one is probably needed in Medway (I’m not an expert). What I cannot see is the logic of locating something known to be harmful in a residential area, for no reason other than its financially cheaper for the applicant. Surely, like most heavy industry or dangerous processes, it can be located away from areas where people live – such as a small industrial estate?

05 Feb 20

Very true and i will help as much as I can.

I also have helped British Lung foundation as the lady wanted to talk to a mesothelioma patient about what its like to live with the disease, claiming, and postmortems. She is putting a survey together, a very long survey!! So after we talked I put her on to a carer who is just going through the claiming for her dad after he has died. This is hard as when someone has gone it is hard to know every place they worked at.

Then I put her on to Debbie as she is different to me and was treated in the EU in Germany with Prof Vogl.

She now has rounded information to work with.

So that kept me busy all day

We did go for a walk and it was a lovely sunny day but so bitter cold in the wind. When we did get to sheltered parts the heat of the sun could be felt. I said if it wasnt for the wind we would have a nice spring day. Oh I wish.

Stock image of 'colorful fresh spring flowers primula'


I cant wait to see flowers out again.

Well another day tomorrow -i wonder what it will bring.





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