Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- How Many More Dishes Do They Use Horsemeat ??

Im not happy tonight learning that there is so much Horsemeat in frozen meals. I don’t eat beefburgers but must admit I have bought Lasagna.

Im so glad I do make most of my meals so that I do know what Im eating, but I hate this treating us like idiots, that they can palm us off with anything, deceive us infact.

FSA (Food Standards Agency) have just announced that Findus Beef Lasagne, has NO BEEF in it at all it is 100% Horsemeat….

 Horses are injected with drugs used by veterinary processes which are harmful to humans…one of these drugs is Phenylbitazone…this is what makes the Horsemeat contaminated….
What are they doing to us ??

My mood today

Im so pleased Debbie woke up and is in a positive mind and its interesting to see how her Oncologist is going to treat it. We are all different in the disease not one of us has a scan that is identical. So its no wonder there isnt a common treatment. We do cause the Oncologist’s a head ache at times.

A lady has died who like me washed her Husbands clothes

Eric Ward pictured with a photo of his devoted wife Valerie

‘Mum always washed his overalls after work. She wasn’t aware of the dangers of the dust and fibres on them.

‘He lost a lot of colleagues and friends to mesothelioma. Not a lot was known about it then and very little protection was offered at that time.’

Husband Eric, now 85, is being treated for asbestos plaques in his lungs but has been left devastated mourning his wife.

Their story is running Parallel to ours only this lady has lost her life and so soon after diagnosis, She was older than I was at diagnosis so Im grateful  that mine reared its ugly head so that I could get treatment in and enjoy 4 years so far. What a cruel disease.

Read more:

There are some very interesting figures on the charts

By 2011 (chart 6), Russia had been supplanted by China as the world’s biggest asbestos market, with India in second place. Of the 50 countries accounting for nearly 85% of all use, only 15 consumed more than 500 tonnes of asbestos/year.

By 2011 (chart 3), production in Canada and most other countries had virtually ceased leaving Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Brazil to fulfil worldwide asbestos demand.

we still have a long way to go yet.

Today has been very cold again but a wonderful sunny day. Ray went out to his guitar lesson and then couldn’t get back as they are resurfacing our potholes in the lane.

He had to park out in the main road.

We took Louis for his walk later and still couldn’t get the car back in.

Our lovely neighbour Dave came in and Ray helped him with a shaver –not that Ray uses one now )


As you may have noticed 

I made a fish dinner I had smoked Haddock and Ray had a Battered cod and chips so that was the day gone.

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2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- How Many More Dishes Do They Use Horsemeat ??

  1. Agree with you about the horse meat Mave. Some might think that horse meat is OK, but I worry what else is getting into our food that we don’t yet know about. The veterinary drugs are a good example. No wonder caner is increasing! We do buy ready meals, but we get them from Abel & Cole. Yes they are a lot more expensive, but if you read their blog you’ll see why: The meat is from high welfare animals fed on a predominently natural diet (shock – the farms they use for beef actually let their cows eat grass!) I recently read that we used to be able to get most of our omega 3 from meat from grazing animals like cows, but where cows get feed other than grass they do not comsume the omega 3 that would be passed on in their food. So even when you are buying meat from the supermarkets so that you know what is in your food, it is nutritionally inferior and you don’t necessarily know whether it contains nasties like antibiotics given to cows by vets. Buy organic and British, that’s what I say!

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