Living With Mesothelioma–My Diary– A call from a friend of over 55 years and Chester the Greyhound is found hooray!!!

Baby_sleeping : Vector illustration of a newborn girl sleeping

Lovely sleep last night no pain, no cough, breathing was good so just a wonderful sleep.

Go up to a cold day but no rain so Ray walked Louis while I did some housework. I put the joint on and had a talk on the computer and a catch up.

Reading the blogs Linda is still worried by Steves Chemo. It is the last one but she says “The horrible “off” tastes which dominated last week have subsided, although not gone completely.  The runny nose which has happened at some point during every cycle has returned, bringing with it on occasion enough blood to stain a tissue.  Also making what we hope will be a last appearance are the sore, stingy eyes – starting earlier in the cycle than previously, so hopefully finishing earlier as well.”

Things I remember well and finished last March. I wish Steve would write about how he feels but the men dont write. We women are better at sharing our thoughts. Anyway he will soon be following me and be in his three months of reprieve.

He has been out and about though which is very brave.

They went to the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon, we had a great time there when we came home from Wales before I was taken ill.

Car Collection

We spent a week here ad camped in there field it was a lovely time except it rained everyday.

This video is a must watch

Published on May 9, 2012

Asbestos is found in many consumer products and materials, but certain jobs have a higher risk of asbestos exposure.

Rays friend was on the phone all afternoon. When you get these two together they never want to say goodbye.

Ray and Harry have been together since they were 19 and they were called up in the Army and were in Germany together. Ray was with his cousin Alfie at Malvern when he was first called up. A very handsome young soldier that I met on Rays passing out parade.

I will have to get Ray to write the story as Harry is always there when we need him. We dont have to phone to say we need you here. He just rings when we are in pain. I remember when our daughter was laying on life support and died he was just there on the phone. A wonderful friendship

Of coarse the best news today is Chester A Motorhome friend found her Chester, A wonderful greyhound she adopted just before Christmas.


He ran off while out walking and was lost for 2 nights but he was found this morning. We all helped on Facebook to spread the word in every place we could think of.  Everyone gradually shared to their walls and was a great show of togetherness. It’s a lesson in people, community and faith, religious as Chesters owner has just said.We are waiting to hear the whole story but judging by his photo tonight he has a tale to tell if only he could talk.


He looks so sore.  Just back from 2nd trip to vet. He’s on morphine now. and I said its a shame he cant talk because he would have such a tale to tell.

Get well soon Hope You Get Back The Wag Soon!

Isnt it funny that so many dogs are lost and yet when we go for walks in all sorts of areas but we never see strays anywhere.

We are so pleased tonight we can go to bed knowing he is in his right home and with his adoring owners.

Rays Blog


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