Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- Snow Again -ADAO are getting ready for their Conference and IATP have published their Newsletter

Oh the snow has stayed all night so we still had it laying everywhere. It gets heavier as we get to Canterbury and Medway  towns but the roads were clear and our paths were Ok for walking, so at least we can get around.

Last night in Dover

A snowy road in Dover. Picture by Scott Janaway

Have to share this with you as now we know __

dogs in the rain

Love it x

We had a working morning on the computer and then had lunch.

Dog walk was nice as the wind had dropped. Just right for walking with a dodgy lung.

IATP have published their Newsletter

IATP hosted its first Annual Event 26/01/2013 at the
Derbyshire Hotel. The evening consisted of Dinner, our first
Awards Ceremony, silent auction and a live auction. Apart
from being a fun event it was also a fundraising event for
IATP’s chosen charity DAST (Derbyshire Asbestos Support
Team) Guests and Award Nominees travelled from across the
UK in adverse weather conditions and ADAO Linda Reinstein
flew in from Los Angeles.
The most significant part of this event is that it brought
together those people impacted by asbestos exposure and
the asbestos business sector. Our 1st UK Meso Warrior Award
was awarded to Mavis Nye, whose speech moved the whole
audience and received a standing ovation; her determination
to raise awareness across many sectors is and will now be
supported by asbestos business executives and industry.
Followed by Linda Reinstein’s speech as a mesothelioma


ADAO are now advertising their Conference and I will be honoured . I will be there, My next date to give a talk but I will be here in UK –there are ways and means ha ha !!

Karen Baton will be speaking

To introduce you to our extraordinary ADAO “The Asbestos Crisis: New Trends in Prevention and Treatment”  conference speakers and honorees, ADAO is featuring weekly Meet the Speaker and Meet the Honoree blogs! This week, meet Karen Banton, who will both present the keynote address at the Unity and Remembrance Brunch and be awarded with the Tribute of Inspiration Award at the 2013 conference.

Karen Banton is a strong advocate on behalf of asbestos disease sufferers and their families, fervently continuing the legacy left by her late husband Bernie Banton AM. Bernie was widely recognised as the public face of the legal and political campaign fought in Australia from the early 2000s until 2007, to achieve a binding agreement with James Hardie Industries for a long term compensation fund for the many sufferers of asbestos-related diseases (ARD) who were exposed to the company’s asbestos containing products.

During those all-consuming years Bernie spent as the public face for asbestos-disease sufferers of Australia, behind the scenes, Karen very much ‘walked the walk’ with him. Karen was every bit as passionate as Bernie for the cause, and even more so with his passing in November 2007. In Australia she has now become the public face for this mission and the ongoing fight for justice.

Karen cared for Bernie as he suffered pleural plaques, asbestos related pleural disease and asbestosis, and she ultimately nursed him as he bravely endured mesothelioma (diagnosed in August 2007).  Bernie lost his battle, dying at home on the 27th of November 2007.

Her comprehensive understanding of how these diseases adversely affect sufferers and their families is evident in the compassionate manner in which she deals with all who are touched by these insidious conditions.

In 2009 Karen, along with a number of supporters, founded the Bernie Banton Foundation, with its’ primary aims being to provide support and information to asbestos related disease sufferers and their families, and facilitate community awareness of asbestos and its’ dangers.

My name is among the great Im indeed very honoured and I will report back in March. Christine Winters of IATP will receive my award in my name -I couldn’t ask for anyone better to carry out this for me.

It has been a brilliant year and we are only in February. It has been so good to work with Mesowarriors   and IATP and ADAO it has given me a purpose in life and Im sure it has help me to keep alive. Taking my mind off my own worries.

This was on facebook today, boy do you learn something everyday

Thinking of getting wrist deep in a home DIY project you saw on Pinterest? Still using an ancient appliance from your first apartment because it seems to be just as good as new? While many of us may have an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude, some of your best money saving ideas can pose a serious health risk. Within your home and other unexpected places like schools and appliances, asbestos, a carcinogen known to cause asbestosis and mesothelioma, can linger.

Asbestos was once used in more than 3,000 consumer products. As a well-known fire resistant and durable product, asbestos use was heavily regulated in the late 1970s after it was discovered to cause cancer. However, many buildings and products may still contain asbestos; here are 5 shocking places where asbestos can be found in your home:

Crock Pots

If you’re using a crock pot handed down to you from who-knows-where, you may want to consider replacing it with a new model. Prior to regulations, crock pots used in the lining between the outer and inner pot to retain heat, as well as in the power cord to prevent electrical fires. Chrysotile, or white asbestos, was the most common of the six types of asbestos used in appliances. While exposure to chrysotile asbestos is less likely to cause cancer, it is still a toxic substance.

Hair Dryers

Around the late 1970s when asbestos was being regulated, a consumer report showed that many hair dryers manufactured domestically were emitting asbestos fibers. While at the time U.S. manufacturers agreed to discontinue the use of asbestos in their products, the manufacturing of almost all hair dryers has been outsourced to foreign manufacturers where the environmental regulations on asbestos are few or non-existent.

Popcorn Popper

Another common household appliance that was found to contain asbestos is the popcorn popper. The devices use an electrical element that heats the air to pop the popcorn and, for some manufacturers, asbestos was used in the electrical element. Much like crock pots, asbestos may have also been used in the power cords as a heat insulator. Similar to hair dryers, popcorn poppers manufactured overseas could potentially still contain traces of asbestos in their product.

Baby Powder

Baby powder contains talc. Talc is a mineral that is mined around the U.S. and was often found to have the presence of tremolite asbestos within it. While many domestic manufacturers have taken safety measures to prevent levels of tremolite in their mined talc to later be used for cosmetic products, foreign manufacturers tend to have less environmental regulations on asbestos use and allow contaminated products to enter the country.

Home Renovations

When it comes to taking on a new DIY project at home, consider the age of your home if you’re pulling down sheetrock, lifting flooring, or removing a popcorn ceiling texture. Many older building materials contained asbestos for its durability. With asbestos fibers put into these products, the materials would last much longer. However, today with the link to mesothelioma cancer, a homeowner should consult the advice of a professional contractor or asbestos abatement company before potentially exposing oneself to this dangerous carcinogen during a renovation project.

There are many other places throughout your home where asbestos can be found hiding. Be sure to consider the year of your home or appliance that you’re inspecting for asbestos-containing parts, as well as where the materials were manufactured. Limiting your exposure risk to asbestos in your home can help prevent the chances of you or a loved one developing an asbestos-related disease later on in life.

The story goes on and on doesn’t it. what a thing they started when they began selling this wonder product .



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