Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- ITV is covering a Doner Card Week -My Personal story of why that means so much to us

Surgeons performing an operation

During this Valentine’s week (11th to 15th February), ITV will launch a new campaign, From The Heart, which is supported by NHS Blood and Transplant and aims to raise awareness of organ donation and the NHS Organ Donor Register.

In a special week of activity on-air and online, there will be a range of ITV shows highlighting the shortage of donated organs in the UK and the reasons behind it. They also will be sharing real life stories about people who have benefited from organ donation and whose lives have been transformed as well as encouraging viewers to join the Register and talk to their loved ones about their wishes.

Im afraid I have had personal experience of this albeit 35 years ago and I have always tried to raise awareness.

It is very hard when your sitting by your child on the life support machine, holding her foot as there is anywhere else to hold as all the tubes and bandages are on her pretty body. The Girl that a few hours before was running around to go out to the field by our house. Her boyfriend by her side even though she was only 16 she was in love as I was at that age and with a soldier as I was. She had asked if they could be engaged and how could I say no when I got engaged at 17.

I adored that lovely girl.

She was run over by a boy doing a wheely over her as Ray has written in our book

Christines Story Misadventure or Misjudged;jsessionid=8530AA5E5C913A23D2B26517803A64D2

The thing that hurt the most was Im sitting there willing her to live and then the nurse is there asking for her kidneys for donating.

You really you cant think straight. No she is breathing she is going to get better. Go away and dont ask that.

We had to talk about it all Ray and I and I didnt know what Christina would want. Then I realised she was always helping others. I didn’t know she went to the old peoples flats once a week and gave them an egg each, A lady told me after she had died. She bought a box of eggs a week out of her pocket money.

So I know I made the right decision for her. I wish she had kept a Donner card  though.

We said to the nurse OK. We had to sit and wait for the team to fly in by helicopter and thy turned the life support off and took her away to remove her kidneys.

They went to 2 women. I rejected but the other lady was able to go back to work and supported her children.

So please fill in a Doner card and your children and talk to them so you know if -god forbid -they did die you will know their wishes.

More than 10,000 people in the UK need an organ transplant which could save or dramatically improve their lives. Many die each year before getting the transplant they need.

By choosingto carry a doner card or joining the NHS organ Doner Register, you could help make sure life goes on

You can join the NHS Organ Donor Register by:
Filling in a form online the NHS Donor Line on 0300 123 23 23
(Lines are open 24 hours a day all year round. Calls are charged at your contracted rate for local calls)

By texting SAVE to 84118

You can also join when you are:

  • Registering for a driving licence
  • Applying for a Boots Advantage card
  • Registering at a GP surgery
  • Registering for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The website listed above also provides a lot of information about being an organ donor.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- ITV is covering a Doner Card Week -My Personal story of why that means so much to us

  1. Thank you for sharing your story – I have a donor card and am always urging the rest of my family to do the same. Knowing so much now about meso makes us realise even more just how precious the gift of life is .

    • all comments on this blog are of my own opinion Im not responsible as an “expert” and for what people do with my advice and wisdom. Anyone reading my blog will not hold you libel for what you say or display.The content on the blog is the opinion of the blogger, not intended to “malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual,

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