Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- things have been happening in our Skies today and another mention of me in the Paper today

Today is the day for heavenly bodies, how exciting.

This is a very close Asteriod and we will be watching it through the evening.

Although there is no danger of a collision, it’s still passing much closer than any other known asteroid and closer than many man made satellites.

But then this morning we saw on telly

A meteor crashing in Russia’s Ural mountains has injured at least 950 people, as the shockwave blew out windows and rocked buildings.

What an amazing thing to happen but so frightening.

Well it has been a quiet day here though all though  my Halogen Oven did blow up, I dont think it had anything to do with the weird things going on in the skies ha ha !!

I had forgotten my shopping was coming today and I was in my dressing gown when the van pulled up and Ray had only just got out of the shower. Panic stations as we were running around trying to get dressed. Louis thought we were mad so he was racing around excited as well. The house was chaos.

I have another mention in the Medway paper it seems.

I was mention in an interview with the owner of the company.

asbest firm

In case the circled paragraph is unclear I’ll repeat it

Mrs Hales claimed there is no more protection to residents now, as some of her 14 workers already drive asbestos in and out of the site

Well now isn’t that something! –Naughty Naughty they have already as we suspected been working from here and the residents knew nothing until this new planning action for skips.

We all say we have no objections to the business as it is a good thing but not 100 ft from the first row of houses and a children s play area.

There are so many more business parks where it could have gone –right away from families.

A meeting will happen soon so I will attend and be behind the Residents.

See things do happen and then its all to  late

Factory fire

A huge fire has broken out at a former asbestos factory in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, the fire service said.

About 50 firefighters tackled the blaze after being called out just before 03:00 GMT to the old Turner and Newall site in Spodden Valley.

Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said the fire was now under control.

Tony Bryan, fire service hazardous materials officer, said an initial assessment of nearby houses showed no spread of contaminants.

He said: “We have identified some asbestos within the structure [of the factory] – but that has been contained into the area as it was covered by metal sheeting.

There was a huge fight by the residents and local people now its burnt down so it looks like they will have to make this safe.

Rochdale Council has refused planning permission for 600 homes on the site of a former asbestos factory.

The plan, first submitted in 2005, was to build new houses on the old Turner and Newall site in Spodden Valley.

Peter Rawlinson, Head of Planning at Rochdale Council, said there was not enough detail about how the site could be developed safely.

A spokesman for developers MMC Estates said a revised application would be submitted to the council.

Campaigner Jason Addy, of Save Spodden Valley, said a new “green” use for the site should be found.

Mr Rawlinson said developers MMC Estates could make a fresh application.

He added: “If they came back it would have to have full details of how the site could be reclaimed safely.”

Local people fought the £100m scheme fearing that building work could release harmful asbestos fibres into the air.

The power of the people.  Rays Blog


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