Living With Mesothelioma -My diary- Ray is 75 today and he gets a free present from the Government !!

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Feel the warmth as it has been a very cold day today and every time we go out we freeze.

It has tried to snow all day but has ended up just with little flurries. This weather just hurts the breathing so it was scarfs around the mouth and then you feel like you look like your ready to rob a bank.

Well today was Rays birthday so its been a happy day. 75 today and he gets a free TV licence gosh if he was getting something free it could have been free gas or electric but free TV well !!!  No there are somethings that are good to watch so I wont moan ha ha !!!

Slice of birthday cake with flower decorations and one single candle burning

We had a walk with Louis and froze all the way round so back indoors and stayed in the warm



I have bought him a guitar stand as that was what he wanted.

Debbie is still in hospital and they are finding another Antibiotic that they can get into her. I know she has had enough of prodding and poking and not sleeping at night as its to noisy.

We are boosting her up and making her stay put for the weekend until they have sorted he out.

Oh well she is home now and going back for treatment tomorrow so I hope she stays warm and hope she feels better tomorrow.

Tess who is under the same hospital as me has had he Chemo and Im very interested  in her treatment as this is what I will have, when I need 4th line chemo.

I have been so lucky that I finished chemo last march and have had stable for almost a year but we live on a egg timer. The sand is running out -it is so nerve racking as you want to block the sand from falling through the hole, maybe if I sellotape it up I can live for ever.

So when I asked about carboplatin I was told no as it was in use and now it is so Im really pleased there is something waiting for me. Things change all the time.

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