Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Chocolate Cake Day

Boy am I fed up with the cold weather. My chest is really hurting as I breath The In is good but the out makes me feel like I have to push the air out after half way.

It means the stale air is staying in the pockets so I really need some exercise to sort it out -Or I think I do.

We Meso patients get a lot of pain in the lungs and it gets worse as the day goes on. To much time on my hands to think about it. I need a new hobby as all my hobbies are finished and Im not a good reader.

I do all my reading on the computer and keep researching new treatment in the hope there is a new trial to consider.

We did get out in the cold again and went in the car to tesco so that Ray went in and got Louis some chews and I walked Louis we had a lovely walk as the wind wasnt so strong or cold there and my little pal trotted along and was so happy.

Everyone I passed said “good morning and isn’t it cold” but Louis and I were were having a good walk and we weren’t so cold.

I got back just in time to see Ray just coming out of the shop.

We traveled back and we had some lunch.

I then started baking as I had the Pork joint cooking in the oven. I made a great chocolate cake, mmm















The good housekeeping recipe is always a winner in our house so ray had a birthday cake after all.

Then it was a Roast Pork dinner to cook just so great on a cold day

Roast pork with braised red cabbage, pears and juniper

I cooked the red cabbage with apple and it was very tasty So all in all a lovely Sunday Dinner.

I m shattered now as I wait for Mr Selfridge, i will miss this when it finishes as I adore Mr Selfridge, Its his voice. So dreamy xx

Mr. Selfridge

I dont usual put things like this on my blog but they are really messing with the NHS and none of us know how it is going to turn out
































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