Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary-A trip to the Harbour

It was slightly warmer today thank goodness but only because the wind was kinder. It was raining early this morning.

My new dress arrived today and its so pretty for the summer –Oh yes we will have summer’.


I cant wait to wear it so pretty and my favourite colour well rays really he has always loved blue. I have hidden it in the wardrobe and will surprise him when the sun comes out.

Ray had to go to the Docs to have a blood test so I went with him and walked Louis around the Harbour while Ray went into the surgery









We had a walk around and then got back to the car just as Ray got there so we came home and rested.

I made Veronicas Kitchen Sweet and Sour

Very tasty diner again.

We had Chocolate Cake for sweet  naughty but nice!!

Debbie went home from the hospital so she is back on the road to Chemo in March. I hope she rests and gets stronger.

Well I have sat and rested all day even if it means on my computer, taking tablets every 4 hours has eased the silly pains off.

We do get wound up when we feel pain as we know things can change so  quickly from being ok to chest infection and then we are in real trouble.

But Im ok again so by tomorrow will be back to normal.-What ever normal is ha ha !!

On my Facebook this did make me laugh

Photo: 'I like their tiny trunks!': Great-great-great-grandmother, 105, puts long life down to her love of... saucy calendars

This lovely lady said she reached 105 because she looks at men on calenders so I have said I will be Ok as I look at men in catalogues in their underwear ha ha !!

Bless long may she live as she looks wonderful for 105

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