Living with Mesothelioma-My Diary-Have I at last woken up to why its important to diet.

Came to the conclusion today that my dieting through my life created the starvation that Cancer doesnt like. I was 10 and a half stone just after I retired and I got a gold badge at weight watchers and then i couldn’t stop the weight going off.

I had  sniffed in asbestos at 20 and it didn’t show until I was 68 so that’s a lot of years so maybe just, maybe, dieting was the brake on things.

Cancer is caused by faulty metabolism within the cancer cell, they say, and we can control it by restricting the fuels that cancer cells use to generate energy—glucose and glutamine, a common amino acid . Rather than eating carbohydrates and even protein, people with advanced, metastatic cancers should turn to low calorie, high fat diets instead. This will force the body to produce compounds called ketones that regular cells can use for energy but that–and here’s the clencher–tumor cells cannot metabolize for fuel.     

That’s the view proposed by Boston College biology professor Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried in his new book “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” and landmark article as well as by other eminent scientists, including those from Memorial Sloan- Kettering and Harvard. 

carrit soup

So I made a ginger and carrot soup for lunch and Tuna and Jacket Potato with cabbage and leek. Yogurt for sweet


We have been talking also today about the supplements we take and I take Thistle and Turmeric so I think I must be doing something right.

We did go out but it seems to get colder and colder so I went in the warm shop on my own. Hoped I wouldnt do my famous fall over, but I had the trolley in front of me  and did well getting all the fresh vegetables and fruit and yogurts.

Watched the frozen cabinet’s and people are being very cagey and reading all the things on the side of the packet. It has made people really think.

I was pleased to see baskets with fresh food in. If you buy cheap frozen meals you do run a risk, and you find out why they are so cheap.

making your own isn’t that dear and you know what your eating.

Ray was walking Louis around outside and they had been for a long walk together.


Ray took this and I didnt know I came out with a man ha ha !!! was that with Tesco points.

We came home and snuggled in after I put the shopping away.

And the cooked dinner.

Very proud of Micheal Lees from AIS  Asbestos In Schools.

26 February 2013

The Education Committee will hold an evidence session on Wednesday 13 March 2013 on Asbestos in Schools.

Venue and Witnesses

Committee Room to be announced

At 9.30am

  • Michael Lees, Asbestos in Schools Group
  • Julian Peto, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Julie Winn, Chair, Joint Union Asbestos Committee
  • A school leader [name to be aanounced]

At 10.30am

  • David Laws, Minister of State for Schools
  • David Ashton, Director of Field Operations Directorate, Health and Safety Executive

Purpose of the Session

This is a one-off oral evidence session on the issues relating to asbestos in English schools. The first panel of witnesses gives the Committee the opportunity to explore the issues raised with interest groups, experts in the field and individuals with direct experience of the problem. This will be followed by evidence from the Schools Minister and the Health and Safety Executive on relevant Government policies.

At Last we are getting somewhere with the fight to get our Schools sorted out.

Rays Blog its very good today xx

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