Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Announcement at ADAO of The Alan Reinstein Award –very Proud!!!

After a day spent with my Son and DIL Im shattered but have enjoyed every minute with them.

Then came on to Face book and the wonderful announcement has made it official that I have won theAlab Reinstein Award to be presented in the US.

I cant fly though as my Lung is so damaged and the pockets of air could collapse my lung in a pressurised Aircraft cabin. The recycled air is bad to so I cant risk it.

I will be there on a video though and Lou Williams is accepting my Award for me, that is wonderful.

Linda has said on face Book—Congratulations to Mavis Nye, 2013 Alan Reinstein Award Honoree, for her commitment to education, advocacy, and support to countless patients and families around the world. Presented on January 26, 2013 in the United Kingdom. ADAO will present Mavis’ award again at our conference via video.


lou williams

Lou has a blog as well .

We are all  Mesowarriors on Face book  and we swap Information all the time.

Photo: Excitement Builds Around the 2013 Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) Conference on the Heels of New Legislation Giving Priority to High Mortality Cancer Research

Linda is a lovely lady and I met her at the IATP awards but we were not strangers as we have Skyped many times so we were great friends xxADAO award

Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Awards and Recognition Dinner on March 23, 2013. ADAO is thrilled to announce a new event at this year’s conference: an Awards and Recognition Dinner. All are invited to a wonderful dinner to celebrate our conference, enjoy a performance by Jordan Zevon, honor tireless advocates for asbestos victims, and thank our generous conference sponsors. We look forward to an exciting evening with you! Details:


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